Turkish to be taught at South Korean university

Sungdo Kim, who teaches linguistics at Korea University in the capital Seoul, contacted the Anatolian Semiotic Research Association (ANASEM), which is headquartered in Balikesir, northwestern Türkiye, the governorship said in a statement.

Kim asked for help finding a lecturer to teach Turkish, for a course to be taught in both semesters.

Kim last summer attended an international semiotics workshop in Balikesir.

Sukru Kara, the deputy governor of Balikesir and ANASEM honorary head, said Turkish is a universal language. As it gains more popularity worldwide, it will be easier for other nations to recognize and learn Turkish culture, he said.

Mustafa Ozsari, the head of ANASEM, said that faculty members who speak advanced English and are experienced in teaching Turkish will be assigned to the South Korean university.

Source: Anadolu Agency