Turkish Aerospace Industries wins new export success

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) won new export success with the national and unique platforms it has developed. The company has maintained a consistent growth strategy since 2018, and received a $1 billion order last year with the introduction of its original products to the market, Bertan Kurt, TAI's head of corporate marketing and communications, told Anadolu on the sidelines of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aviation Exhibition (LIMA 2023) in Malaysia. Several Turkish defense firms, including TAI, are participating in the LIMA 2023, which will run through the weekend. The 16th edition of the Langkawi exhibition, which is supported by Malaysia's defense and transport ministries, is one of the largest defense fairs in the Asia-Pacific region. TAI introduced the aircraft it developed to the military and civil authorities in the region's countries, especially in Malaysia. In the last five years, the company has signed contracts worth $3.3 billion with 13 different countries. TAI sold and completed some deliveries of ANKA unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to six countries, AKSUNGUR drones to two countries, ATAK helicopters to three countries, HURKUS drones to two countries, and SIMSEK (high-speed target drone) to one country. The company has so far delivered four ATAK to the Philippines, three ANKA to Kazakhstan, two AKSUNGUR to Kyrgyzstan, three HURKUS and two ANKA to Chad, two HURKUS to Niger, and five ANKA to Tunisia. Working with the world's leading companies in aircraft structures, TAI signed a new business development contract worth approximately $2.5 billion in the last three years. The company aims to increase its export success in 2023. New target region South America TAI signed a contract worth $300 million in the first three months of this year and also plans to realize new sales of $2 billion with the mass-produced ATAK attack helicopter, ANKA, and AKSUNGUR drones as well as HURKUS aircraft. The company also plans to enter the South American region this year. In aircraft structures, the company's new business development target for this year has been set at $550 million. The company expects around $3 billion in new foreign contracts in 2023. In the last five years, TAI has made $2.5 billion worth of exports worldwide and aims to achieve an export figure of $1 billion in 2023.

Source: Anadolu Agency