South Korea ends disrupted World Jamboree with concert

The 2023 World Scout Jamboree wrapped up Friday in Seoul with a lively K-pop concert, bringing together 40,000 scouts, according to Yonhap News.

Despite a tough 12 days of extreme weather, including a heat wave and typhoon, the "K-pop super live" concert sparkled with performances by 18 K-pop artists, including NewJeans, IVE, NCT Dream, ITZY and more. Scouts sang, danced, and cheered in a festive atmosphere, showcasing their resilience.

The Scout flag was handed to Poland, the host of the 2027 jamboree.

Around 43,000 participants from 158 countries participated in events that began Aug. 1 and are scheduled to conclude Saturday.

The event was being held in the western Saemangeum Reclaimed Area from where participants were transported to Seoul and other regions due to a typhoon and the heat wave.

The typhoon hit South Korea on Thursday, affecting thousands.

Dozens of participants at the Jamboree also fell ill because of the heat wave.

"It is the first time in over 100 years of history of World Scout Jamborees to face such compounded challenges, from untimely floods to an unprecedented heatwave and now a typhoon!" World Organization of the Scout Movement head Ahmad Alhendawi said after the events were disrupted.

Source: Anadolu Agency