Russia Hosts Azerbaijan-Armenia Peace Talks Following EU and US Efforts

Moscow is continuing its bid to be a key mediator in the South Caucasus, hosting the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov again renewed calls for the two former Soviet States to settle their differences through dialogue. After the 2020 Karabakh war, which saw Azerbaijan liberate lands occupied by Armenia, frequent border clashes have broken out, testing a fragile Russian mediated peace deal. The most recent skirmishes happened last week along their contested border, as EU-led peace talks were being held in Brussels. Baku and Yerevan traded blame on who shot first along their border near Sotk. At least one Azerbaijani soldier was reportedly killed and several Armenian troops wounded over two days of clashes. The EU, Russia and the US have been pushing the two archrivals towards a final settlement over their three-decade long dispute over Karabakh. The territory, which was at the centre of the 2020 war, is being patrolled by Russian peacekeepers. Guests: Richard Giragosian Director of the Regional Studies Centre Farid Shafiyev Chairman of the Centre of Analysis of International Relations