Porto Empedocle tent camp empties after coaches found

It was possible to empty the migrant tent camp in the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle on Monday after the local prefecture managed to find coaches available for transfers to reception facilities elsewhere.

Four coaches operated by private companies, one police coach and one army coach were found to transport the migrants and refugees who had arrived at the centre by passenger ferry from Lampedusa.

The tent camp saw scenes of chaos on Sunday and Monday due to severe overcrowding as onward transfers failed to keep pace with arrivals from the tiny Sicilian island that is bearing the brunt of the recent uptick in migrant landings from north Africa.

Late on Monday, a further 600 people at the Porto Empedocle facility were due to be transferred by passenger ferry, making it possible for the transfer of new sea arrivals from Lampedusa to mainland Sicily to resume.

Source: Ansa News Agency (ANA)