Minister Kanari to attend informal EU Health Ministers meeting

Cyprus' Minister of Health Popi Kanari departs for Stockholm on Wednesday to participate in the informal meeting of Health Ministers of the EU from 4-5 May which will discuss access to medicinal products. Minister for Health Care Acko Ankarberg Johansson will host the meeting primarily for the health care ministers of the EU Member States. The overall theme of this informal meeting is access to medicinal products. The programme will focus on shortages of medicinal products and crisis preparedness, and more broadly how the EU and its Member States can secure access to medicinal products - both new and existing stock - in daily work in non-crisis times. The meeting will also part focus on the importance of restoring balance between accessibility and affordability of medicinal products in the European Union. 'This meeting comes at a time when Europe is in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put immense pressure on national health systems," said Minister Johansson. She further added the issue of medicinal product shortages has been a challenge for a long time and was further accentuated during the pandemic.

Source: Cyprus News Agency