Mediterranean News Agencies’ representatives discuss women empowerment

Directors General, editors and journalists of news agencies in the Mediterranean region gathered in Djerba, Tunisia, to discuss the role of media in promoting economic and social empowerment of women. The seminar - co-organised by Tunisia's news agency TAP, the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung - on Wednesday, May 24, took place one day before the 31st General Assembly of AMAN, with the participation of 15 news agencies, including CNA, and concluded with the adoption of the Djerba Declaration. Tunisia's Minister of Family, Women, Children and the Elderly Amal Belhaj Moussa addressed the opening, on Wednesday, noting, among other things, that her Ministry's objective is to raise the percentage of women entrepreneurs in SMEs from 10% closer to 30%. She also spoke about the role of education in furthering women's empowerment, noting that women in her country represent 65% of PhD holders and 75% of researchers. CEO of the host News Agency, TAP, Najeh Missaoui, who assumes the AMAN presidency for a one-year term spanning 2023/2024, said the theme of the conference "testifies to the indispensable role of Mediterranean women in fostering sustainability and their unwavering determination to further augment their contribution to the economic landscape." Director General of the Croatian News Agency HINA and outgoing President of AMAN, Branka-Gabriela Vojvodic, highlighted the robust unity within AMAN. During the conference, experts and women's rights advocates stressed that the empowerment of women can only be achieved through defending women's rights and fighting against all forms of violence against women. On Thursday, members of AMAN adopted the Djerba Declaration, calling among others for enhanced cross-cultural exchanges, more Media training and for empowering women in journalism. AMAN members also voted unanimously in favour of accepting Slovenia's news agency STA as a member. AMAN Secretary-General George Penintaex and TAP's Najeh Missaoui awarded prizes to the winners of AMAN's internal completion, Ahmed Gaddeh from TAP for the Best News Item and Aytug Can Sencar of Anadolu Agency for the Best Photo. An honorary certificate was awarded to APS' photo entry. The next General Assembly will be held in Palermo, Italy.

Source: Cyprus News Agency