Manu Chao concert in ?stanbul

The concert will take place in the evening on August 29 in Kalamis. Manu Chao will be coming to Istanbul for a concert on August 29 in the scope of the Kalamis Summer Festival. The tickets of the concert to take place in Kalamis, Kadiköy will be put on sale on August 1.

Born in France as the child of a Spanish family, Manu Chao (José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao), started his music career as a street performer. Manu spent most of his childhood in Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres communes.

Besides love songs, the main theme in many of Manu Chao's songs are about migrants and discrimination.

The singer wore a t-shirt on which it was written "Sulukule will not keep silent" (Sulukule Susmayacak) in order to support the Romans whose houses were being demolished at the time in the scope of an urban renewal project in his concert in Bayonne in France. He also wears the uniform of Galatasaray, one popular soccer team of Istanbul in his concerts from time to time.

Singing songs in French, Spanish, English, Galician, Italian, Arabic, Portugese and occasionally in other languages, he became a solo artist in 1995 after his performances in different bands. He is performing live together with the band Radio Bemba in the concerts and tours ever since

Source: English Bianet