Golden State Warriors return to White House as NBA champs

US President Joe Biden welcomed the Golden State Warriors to the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their 2022 NBA Championship.

It marked their first visit to the White House since winning the 2015 title, as they avoided doing so during Donald Trump’s years in office due to a high-profile clash with the former president.

“The last couple of years were pretty tough. You struggled in 2020, missed the playoffs in ’21, and critics wondered if this team was gone for good as a championship team,” Biden said in his remarks in the East Room.

“Fellas, I know what it feels like,” he added.

Although the Warriors won the title in 2017 and 2018, they skipped visiting the White House as Trump said he would not be inviting them after Steph Curry, their star player, criticized him over some remarks he made about Black athletes.

Source: Anadolu Agency