Gazprom to reduce gas deliveries via Nord Stream by 40%

Natural gas shipments through the Nord Stream pipeline will drop by 40% due to technical problems, Russian energy company Gazprom said on Tuesday.

Gazprom said that some of the gas compressors sent to the German Siemens company for maintenance have not turned yet.

'For this reason, only three gas compressors can be used on the line,' Gazprom said.

'Gas supply to the Nord Stream pipeline can now be up to 100 million cubic meters per day, instead of the planned 167 million cubic meters per day,' it explained.

Nord Stream is known as one of the important lines carrying Russian gas to Europe, as well as the Yamal-Europe pipeline and the pipelines in Ukraine.

In the previous statement made by the company, it was stated that the shipments via the Yamal-Europe line were stopped, and the shipments via Ukraine decreased by about half.

Source: Anadolu Agency