Educational decline among German children continues: Study

The educational level of Germans continues to decline, according to a study by the German Economic Institute (IW), an independent think tank.

Parts of the study were pre-published Monday by the German business daily Handelsblatt.

The proportion of 25- to 64-year-olds having no vocational training is 21%. In 2014, it was 16%.

According to the study, in 2022, around 15% of all Germans between the ages of 25 and 35 will also have a lower level of education than their parents.

This corresponds to a fivefold increase within the last two decades. Men are affected more often than women.

Only 20% of all Germans have a higher level of education than their parents.

The trend is the opposite for children from immigrant families. Some 8% of these children have a higher level of education than their parents. In 2000, this figure was only 3%.

In view of the latest results of various school tests, the study warned of a probable further decline in the nationwide level of education.

It was "to be feared that the proportion of people without completed vocational training could rise even further in the coming years."

The study called for more support for children with learning difficulties, especially in language support. This should start as early as possible, i.e. in kindergartens and elementary schools.

Only then, according to the institute, will the coming generations be able to replace the older ones on the labor market in such a way that the level of prosperity of the Germans is not endangered.

Source: Anadolu Agency