August ’23 in Cyprus was particularly warm with record temperatures in mountains

This year's August was particularly warm, with a record high maximum and minimum daily temperature recorded in the mountains, according to the Department of Meteorology. Specifically, at the Forestry College station in Prodromos (altitude 1,376 meters) a sequence of eight consecutive days with temperatures over 31 degrees Celsius was recorded. In total, 14 days were recorded at this particular station where the daily maximum temperature exceeded 31 degrees. In addition, this August, a record temperature was recorded at the Department's station at the Forestry College of Prodromos, with its daily maximum temperature reaching 38.4 degrees Celsius. The second highest daily maximum temperature recorded to date at this weather station was 37 degrees in 2020. At the same time, the highest daily minimum temperature that has ever been recorded at this station since its day of operation was also recorded, at 29.5 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, at Athalassa weather station a total of nine days in which the daily maximum temperature was greater than or equal to 40 degrees was recorded. At this station, the second highest daily maximum temperature was also recorded, at 45.3 degrees, after 45.6 in August 2010. "The general conclusion is that this year's August is, for the island, one of the warmest Augusts in which several temperature records have either been re-introduced or were surpassed", the Department of Meteorology reports. The Department of Meteorology in its August report also mentions the rainfall that occurred on August 28th, describing it as "particularly impressive". As reported by the Department of Meteorology, this type of nocturnal stormy activity during the month of August is rare and a similar phenomenon was recorded again in Cyprus in August 1999.

Source: Cyprus News Agency