Ziraat Turkey Cup Final to inform the spectators

Akhisarspor Galatasaray in Sivas 4 September New Stadium will be played today at 20.45't Ziraat Turkey Cup final pre-determined practices and security measures to be carried out. Finals; West and South tribunes for Galatasaray fans, East and North tribunes were allocated for the parties Akhisarspor.

According to the decision of Sivas Province Sports Security Council, the practices and security measures concerning the spectators are as follows:

a) Stadium doors will open at 18:00.

b) Audiences who will enter the Galatasaray Club bleachers should continue towards Yozgat without turning from Sultan City Boulevard to Farabi Street and immediately after Taha Akgul Indoor Sports Hall, they must be directed towards the fair ground car park and reach the stadium from the south side. You can find the subject paths in the colored images on the bottom.

c) Galatasaray spectators can park their vehicles at the Fairground and Sports Park.

d) Akhisarspor Club will enter the audience, the audience will return to the Farabi Street Sultansehir Boulevard, Mecnun Otyakmaz Street and Sivasspor Street to reach the stadium through the route specified. You can find the subject paths in the images that are colored at the bottom.

e) Akhisarspor spectators can park their vehicles on the Sivasspor Avenue, which is located between Mecnun Otyakmaz Street and Sivasspor Avenue, in the area called as Schools Region and on the wide asphalt road behind the eastern tribune.

f) Only car parked cars will be purchased for the car park in and around the stadium.

g) Audiences entering the Galatasaray stand, only the Galatasaray logo and yellow-red flag, uniform, scarf, beret and so on. products with different products will not be accepted.

h) Audiences entering the Akhisarspor tribune will be taken only with Akhisarspor logo and green-black flag, shirt, scarf, beret, etc. products and the entrance with different products will not be accepted.

i) Banners, flags, pennants and so on. the materials will be allowed to hang on the stadium until 12:00 on 15.05.2019 (match day). The subject will be carried out under the supervision of the officials of the Sivas Provincial Police Department; will be posted in areas where the sponsor company has no ads.

j) Banners and banners with political advertising are not taken into the stadium, regardless of their content,

k) Forbidden substances to be taken to the stadium: coin, cigarette lighter, selfie stick, perfume and deodorant bottles, laser pointers, camera, camera, charger, power adapter (powerbank), vocalizer (vuvuzela, megaphone, whistle etc.), board, iron flag flags, glass-box beverage cans, backpack, suitcases, firearms, cutter, crushing, bruising or piercing tools, explosive, flammable or caustic substances, drugs or stimulants even if licensed and alcoholic beverages in violation of the principles laid down by the relevant legislation.

Source: Turkey Football Federation