ZAFUL’s Rise in Arab Market and its Third Step in Multi-Language Localization Strategy

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ZAFUL (, one of the most prominent and unique online clothing stores for young women is set to open a new Arab site. This is a third step towards multi-language localization strategy. So far it has launched a French site in Sept. 2016 and a Spanish site in Jan. 2017.

ZAFUL is on a mission to establish an international brand for young women’s fashion. It has taken a step forward in global development in the Middle East by opening an Arabic site this month, The site is meant to widen the ZAFUL market place to most Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria as well as Israel, thus making their online shopping experience easier. Arab locals will have the opportunity to pay for their merchandise using cash on delivery system powered by BIT Co. as well as other options availed.

Consequently, the global nature of ZAFUL has enabled it to make worldwide deliveries with loads of delivery options. It has managed to provide DHL, UPS as well as Express way among many other fast delivery services. The customer can always choose the mode of delivery depending on need and security.

A Brief Overview of Middle East Consumers

The Middle East represents a different niche of consumers that are directed mostly by culture and religion. The Middle East has one of the largest consumer bases especially when it comes to clothing. The young generation is slowly adapting some western ways fashion trends. There is still a hard line to cross when it comes to westernization. It is more about social acceptability and modesty.

Keeping that in mind, ZAFUL Middle East branch will design, stock and sell what can be culturally accepted. The clothes will be different from those sold in western countries and sold in middle-eastern countries.

Other Project

ZAFUL will also lure and entice its Arab market share by doing some local online and offline promotional activities during the holidays. The series of local activities are set to promote the brand as well as convert the clients into loyal customers.

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