‘Wings of Lebanon’ holds Turkish Tailwind Airlines responsible for Ben Gurion airport landing

Wings of Lebanon Airlines' company indicated, in a statement on Wednesday, that Turkish Tailwind Airlines held the full responsibility for the landing of an aircraft with the Lebanese company's logo in Israeli Ben Gurion airport.

Condemning the incident, Wings of Lebanon explained that Tailwind had earlier leased a plane to it, and that the aircraft, with the Lebanese company's livery painted on its side, had been dispatched to Antalya in Turkey for maintenance.

"The aircraft was supposed to return to Beirut after maintenance. But we were surprised tonight to see that it had landed in the airstrip of the Israeli enemy's airport," the company added.

"This matter constitutes a trespass of the previously agreed procedures between the two companies," it continued, after confirming that it had contacted the Turkish airlines immediately in quest of clarifications.

"Any collaboration or communication with the Israeli enemy is a red line for Wings of Lebanon and its personnel, as well as for the rest of the Lebanese airline companies," the statement read.

Source: National News Agency