Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Town

Wild turkeys are seen crossing a street in Teaneck, NJ, in this photo tweeted by New Jersey News.

Aggressive wild turkeys have become such a problem for the town of Teaneck, New Jersey that it plans to get 20 air horns to scare away the birds.

"We have to coexist as best as possible," said animal control officer Vincent Ascolese. In an interview with The Record newspaper, he said he will give the air horns to officials to distribute to the public.

Town officials say they have received "about a dozen complaints" about the aggressive turkeys, adding that the angry birds have "attacked residents, pecked at cars and held up traffic." One bird even flew through a resident's glass kitchen window.

"I grabbed the kids and we literally ran for our lives out of the house because we were so scared," Teaneck resident Courtney Lopchinsky told CBS New York. "All of a sudden, it went straight through the window. We were covered in glass. The turkey was covered in mud and water and kept flapping its wings throwing mud water everywhere," she said.

Only the state is able to touch the birds, but residents can scare them off by spraying them with water or making loud noises.

One official from the state's Department of Environmental Protection said the capture of an aggressive male bird earlier this week could ease the wild animals' aggressive behavior.

The official said that putting cardboard in windows or adding window decorations could stop the birds from attacking windows and defecating in yards.

Source: Voice Of America