We will continue our struggle on the rights of the Palestinian people and Jerusalem in our last breath

President Erdogan, in his speech at the opening ceremony in Ankara Pursaklar; . We will continue our struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people and the proper management of Jerusalem for the Islamic world, tasi he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the official inauguration ceremony of 29 pens, works and services with a total investment cost of 176 million pounds completed in Ankara Pursaklar. President Erdogan delivered a speech at the event held on Yavuz Boulevard.

President Erdogan, expressing his gratitude to Pursaklar, who expressed his gratitude to the presidency with a record of 78 percent. He said he believes he will achieve even greater successes in the coming period.

President Erdogan, who explained that Pursaklar voted for the politics of the service, not only for Lafa, but also for the high rate of support for the AK Party and his party, asked the Pursak people to give a special lesson to the crusaders especially from the Pursak people.

On March 8, International Women's Day, President Erdogan said, CH See who's hand in hand? CHP, with whom? HDPE. With the CHP flag in Taksim, whose rags are next to each other? HDPE. This choice is a bait choice for him. For this election we should give them the necessary lessons in chests. Onun


Ezana is a frightened, unhappy and those who disrespect the Turkish Flag hand in hand, said they entered the election together with President Erdogan, said: They also dared to annihilate the Masjid al-Aqsa, the honorary case of the Muslims, with the posters of the Dome of the Dome. Now the shamelessly bored Israeli head of the robbery, is now on trial in his own country, what is being judged Netanyahu and his wife? Robbery, abuse. This man says that now there 'journalists in prison in Turkey, and from there you teach us,' he says. O Netanyahu; You be yourself. You are cruel, you are cruel to the murder of those seven-year-old Palestinian babies. You're a tyrant who condemns women to cells. Thousands of seventy-seven, You're a tyrant who's blocking tens of thousands of people right now. You have our holy shrine there, not only our but also the Christians' Dome of the Sahara, the Harem-i Sharif, these are the holy and the postings of our soldier-police. Don't drive, we have not persecuted any Jews in this country, we have not taken up any synagogues and did not do what you do. Don't provoke us. We won't come to this game, it's a separate issue, but we'll ask you in the international community. Bun


President Erdogan, as long as the Turkish nation is standing up can not prevent the prayer of the azanlarinin heaven, emphasizing the Jerusalem case, emphasizing, "Mubarak will find us in the face of our attack on our mosque. Even if everyone susses, we will not shut up with our nation. We will ignore the disrespect to what we call our prayer, and we will consent to the pollution of the Masjid al-Aqsa, the Dome of the Rock, with postals. Izli

President Erdogan told Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that he gave the necessary instructions and continued his talks on the issue. We are not going to address these social media bouncers. We will continue our struggle to manage the rights of the Palestinian people and the importance of Jerusalem for the Islamic world until our last breath i.


Iz We are born under this flag, we will die under this flag. If there is any discomfort, he may go and die under the rags he wishes. L President Erdogan stated that the Azan and flag enemies from the CHP and GOOD Party lists entered the elections, and the PKK and FETO members tried to infiltrate the municipalities.

President Erdogan said,, Now there are also those on the Mansur master's list. There are presidential candidates from the CHP. Hundreds of separatist organizations were shown to the sympathizer CHP and the municipal councilors from the lists of other parties in which they were allied. Who will work when they are selected? Of course they will work for Kandil. Elbette

President Erdogan stated that he had realized the sixth district rally in Ankara and the Grand National Assembly of Ankara will be held on 23 March in Ankara. He said that he would meet with the people of Ankara a few days before the election and he would walk with the people.

CHP and hdp'n the orders of President Erdogan stating that Kandil, the management of the nation of Turkey, as these parties to deliver, delivery also expressed his belief that Ankara's management.


President Erdogan stated that they brought together Ankara and Pursaklar with giant services, and today they made the official opening of 29 pencil works and service with a total investment cost of 176 million pounds, and the 150-bed Pursaklar State Hospital, the municipal service building, 66 parks and sports facilities from nurseries, social and cultural facilities, mosques and Quran courses, the opening of many services and work they realized.

President Erdogan stated that they have changed the face of Ankara with the investment of 120 billion Turkish Liras as AK Party rulers and they offer unprecedented services to the city in all areas such as education, health, justice, safety, transportation, industry, trade, environment and urbanism, culture and art. he.

Turkey's biggest city hospital Bilkent City Hospital de Erdogan, the President announced the opening tomorrow to do, citizens CHP leader Kilicdaroglu SSK General Manager of that period, the people of this hospital Bilkent City Hospital of modern images with images, where the complaint against his watch.

President Erdogan, Etlik'de ongoing construction of the city hospital will be opened next year, said they would continue to invest quickly.

Pursaklar Ankara as a rising star of the society, adding that they bring services to all parts of the society, President Erdogan, Pursaklar, living in an effort to turn into a privilege drew attention to the fact that they are.

Explaining the education, social facilities, mass housing and transportation investments made to the district, President Erdogan said, belediye The candidates of Metropolitan and District Mayors have very good projects both in our city and in our district. When these are realized, we will have a truly different capital Bunlar.

After his speech, President Erdogan made the mass opening of services and works.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey