We have realized historical reforms that will improve the justice system in every field “

In his speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Judicial Year 2019-2020, President Erdogan said, ik We have realized historical reforms that will improve the justice system in every field. Today, to strengthen our democracy, our citizens' expectations to the highest answer to justice, we are preparing new reforms in order to fortify the nature of the rule of law in Turkey in the international arena, "he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the 2019-2020 Judicial Year Opening Ceremony. President Erdogan made a speech at the ceremony held at Bestepe Millet Congress and Culture Center.

President Erdogan began his speech by wishing that the judiciary community of the new judiciary year would be instrumental in favor of the nation and the nation. President of the Court of Cassation Ismail Rustu Cirit, who opened his fifth and last judicial year this year, expressed his gratitude for his services and constructive support.

President Erdogan said, anc According to our belief, the separation of human beings from the other living beings with the will to choose good and evil, right and wrong, good and evil, constitutes the basis of justice. Because cruelty and injustice and injustice are synonymous. Therefore, there is a need for a mental and de facto order to keep this will under control. "

ICIN We must always pursue justice for ourselves and for all humanity

Orum I believe that we have gone through a period that we need to think more about the concept of justice, which has been shown as the foundation of human life and social order since ancient times, Cumhurbaskani said President Erdogan. We must always pursue justice for ourselves and all humanity. Because today, especially in our close geography, in many parts of the world under the persecution of people screaming persecution, "he said.

President Erdogan stated that the world system is under the jurisdiction of a segment that lives in prosperity and luxury and that protects this lifestyle above all else. On the other hand, the fact that these atrocities are being carried out in the name of democracy, human rights, fight against terrorism, law, law and even justice increases the weight of the persecution even more. the distorted understanding that remains insensitive to the most fundamental human demands of other societies is, in our view, the world's greatest problem. "

"It is impossible to find a form of practice that everyone will agree on to ensure justice in the world," said President Erdogan.


President Erdogan, Turkey throughout history that's struggling, stressing that the heirs of a civilization approach continued as follows: "Turkish society and governance structure of the last two centuries of development in the world, has followed very closely. The legislative, executive and judicial bodies, independent in their internal The principle of separation of powers is the basis of democracy and the republic.Every society and state implement the principle of separation of powers in accordance with their own ceremonies. In fact, such an approach is not suitable for the ordinary course of life.

President Erdogan pointed out that the elected vice-president in the US is also the president of the Senate and Congress, and that all members of the Constitutional Court have been appointed by the president. Bu In other words, it is not understood as a situation contrary to the principle of separation of powers, "he said.


"Turkey, until the tutelage of the coup in many troubled process lived, though, the people's will to the idea at the top holding the separation of powers and remained on top of that is always connected to the building had the democracy," said President Erdogan, the separation of powers principle of the new management system is more prominent and sharply to the operation is stressed. President Erdogan, said: "It is known that in accordance with our Constitution mandatory provisions, such as the President is not only the executive, but also the state of the head as well. Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation's unity, togetherness, all the institutions of effectively guaranteeing the operation, the President's top priority This approach, which is clearly stated in the letter and spirit of our Constitution, is not a threat to the separation of powers,

President Erdogan said: "Turkey's example receives in Western democracies to give the name of the law the decisions of the judiciary is still a result of this understanding. In the discussions in our country, cause of the accusation against the separation of powers rather than executive-be building on the judgment voltage is directed to this important fact cover. In the democratic system in our country, the area opened to the President is not in the context of superiority, but in the sense of observing the harmonious functioning of all institutions. attacking the President and his representative, in fact, is aimed directly at the political sphere.Beyond its place in the separation of powers, those who hold the promise of judicial independence with a purely ideological and bigoted imagination, most harm democracy, republic and national will. "


President Erdogan stated that with the recent constitutional amendment, the concept of judicial independence was arbitrated with the principle of impartiality of the judiciary. President Erdogan stated that it was disrespectful to the judicial institution to try to injure democracy and the politics as its founding element through baseless attacks. It touched.

"This place does not belong to myself, as I have always said, the house of the nation and all institutions of the state have the right to use this place easily. Moreover, such a discussion took place, even though the selection methods of these professional organizations were not compatible with the pluralistic democracy." President Erdogan continued his speech as follows: "However, the Presidential Complex, this veteran space, conference hall, exhibition hall, mosque, 15 July Monument, the library that is about to be completed and the museum that is under construction, is the home of our nation and therefore all our institutions in the coming period. I believe that one of the issues is to make the selection methods of all professional organizations, especially the bar associations, suitable for representative democracy.our Supreme Court and President of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey, bigoted and provocative impositions of myself because this astute and they showed towards democratic stance and I congratulate you on behalf of my nation. "


President Erdogan emphasized that bringing the word "justice" to the name of the party he is the founder leader of is not an ordinary choice. President Erdogan continued: tek The only purpose of the amendments we have made in our constitution and laws is to ensure the establishment of justice more powerfully. we have signed historical reforms that will improve the justice system in all areas, from the right to not to be stained to the mediation process.

to strengthen democracy, the citizens in the justice expected to give the highest response, indicating that they are in the new reform preparations to strengthen Turkey's legal state of nature in the international arena, President Erdogan goals in the Judicial Reform Strategy Document described three months ago on administrative arrangements and legislative changes to implement preparations are coming to the last stage.

President Erdogan stated that with the dynamic reform process that they will continue in the future, they will strengthen the democracy and strengthen the superiority of the national will. .


President Erdogan stated that they have prepared a comprehensive Human Rights Action Plan for the protection, development and guarantee of rights and freedoms. The quality of human resources is a fundamental condition for the proper functioning of the justice system, as is the case with all other areas. Expertise, editorial services, information system, notification,we do not neglect reforms related to the support elements of judicial activities, such as specialization. "

President Erdogan stated that the right to defense and lawyers, which is the most important element of this issue, is one of the most important topics of the judicial reform strategy. Underlining that they aim to eliminate the problems that lead to the decisions of jurisdiction and jurisdiction by simplifying the system as much as possible, President Erdogan said, "We have to ensure a fair, effective and rational functioning in criminal justice covering the investigation, prosecution and execution of sentences."

Expanding the discretionary powers of the public prosecutors, the investigation phase of the effective, many innovations in this context will implement the President Erdogan, especially the economic impact of a direct and effective operation in the legal proceedings are determined to provide a simple and effective. Members of the judiciary, regardless of overtime, regardless of the work they have done to fulfill their work closely witnessed the President Erdogan said, "New reforms by improving the system, strengthening, moving forward, we will continue to work with you to ensure the most effective and rapid manifestation of justice," he said.

During the 2019-2020 Judicial Year, President Erdogan wished success to all judges, prosecutors, lawyers and assistants in their efforts to ensure justice, to establish law and to make the judiciary work.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey