“We have given the struggle to improve our country in every field and to increase the welfare of our nation”

President Erdogan, in his speech at the opening ceremony in Xinjiang, "Every area of our country to development, we've given the struggle to improve the welfare of our nation. 17th Ranked in Turkey according to purchasing power parity in the world we came to management, we remove up to 13'unculug. At the end of this year, we expect to rise to 12th place.

Expressing that Sincan is one of the fastest growing and growing potential districts in Ankara, and that it is very pleased to be in Sincan today, President Erdogan expressed his hope that the municipal facilities and educational facilities will be beneficial.

"Our geography of our country and our people from all over, many years living in harmony in Xinjiang," said President Erdogan, Turkey, litigation and love that best describes the poet Abdurrahim Karakoc in 28 years in Xinjiang resident recalled, Karakocan ' I commemorated with mercy.


Not only has the population of Sincan increased, the star shines, the current Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna and the Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan have great services in the district. President Erdogan said that 56 million pounds of works and services that will be opened today are only a small one. He said that he made up the example.

President Erdogan wishing that Sincan Municipality's multi-purpose cultural center, stadium, women's districts, neighborhood parks, sports fields, district markets and other services would be beneficial to the district would be the five-education facility with an investment value of 39 million pounds. said that the district gained.

President Erdogan, 600 thousand square meters in the period ahead with the BelAlren National Garden and Temelli Pond National Garden will be made by giving the good news, the breeze in the valley Zir Valley began to rehabilitate the region to make Ankara one of the most attractive places shared information.

President Erdogan stated that a tram line will be established between Metro and Baskentray stations located on two separate sides of Sincan district, and an area of 116 thousand square meters will be built on recreation and polygon area.'N equipped with services. As I always say, the municipality is the job of the AK Party, Hep he said.


President Erdogan emphasized that they came out of the nation, not with the words, but with the works.

President Erdogan that Turkey's service 17 years, Turkey's improvement in every area, they expressed struggling to increase the nation's prosperity, "our ruling period of our country have grown by 3.5 times. In education, health, justice, security, transportation, energy, sport, work, in Turkey in social assistance to upgrade to the most advanced countries in the level of the world day and night, we endeavor, "he said.

construction in Ankara, completed in Turkey will be the largest city hospitals that share the news will be opened soon, President Erdogan, "17th according to purchasing power parity in the world we came to Management in the Turkey of Praise, we've got until 13'unculug. God willing, this year we expect to rise to the 12th, In he said.


They bring important place in Turkey's President Erdogan stated that democracy and economy, but not enough by themselves, to do more, he said that there is a lot of work.

President Erdogan, Turkey in the last six years, drawing nearly the attention that is exposed to continuous attack in a way, "there is a feature of the Turkish nation, drawn to the corner when exposed to everyone attack, sin, while we on the contrary, we come to ourselves shaken out, energy and morale for greater breakthroughs we collect. Indeed, they are loaded, Turkey's determination to achieve their goals is sharpened on "the assessment found.

President Erdogan continued as follows: "In the past depends on the politics of cotton yarn, management advancing on slippery surfaces, the economy had a couple of billion dollars manipulation crippling a Turkey, the region now and there is an emerging Turkey in the world. This is why we are trying to be surrounded by terrorist organizations. This is the reason why our economy is trying to be smashed by reason and out of reason. This is the reason why we are trying to threaten the stability of our political and trade interlocutors. Unfortunately, opportunists everywhere and at any time, immediately began to work in this period, foreign exchange, interest rate, instead of giving support to the struggle of Turkey sought to be delivered in inflation claw, will not leave the square to adhere to our nation back like an opportunistic approach tick. "


In his speech, President Erdogan described the Ankara opportunist uluk as uluk the price of the highest exchange rate and set the price at the highest exchange rate and still insist on the same label , de even though he has the goods in his hand, but not the market, so that the prices rise, leyip President Erdogan said today in Ankara and Istanbul. through the municipalities, the sale of cheap vegetables and fruits, the sale of products will be diversified in the following days, legumes and other food items would be possible to be added to the sale, he added.

President Erdogan, the most dangerous opportunism if "instead of taking place in the ranks of the country and nation, Turkey engaged in politics, by the mouth of the enemies", insisting that the main opposition party leader noted that included in this class.

Three penny more win or three votes more to get to Turkey, the Turkish nation to afraid to stick the dagger in the back March 31 evening of the nation's "Ottoman slap" and voicing answer President Erdogan, the nation's AK Party and Cumhur would you prefer to Alliance who reiterated his faith.


President Erdogan, they tirelessly to serve the nation, Turkey is more they grew, they will strengthen, enhance the country's reputation by adding that they told the July 15 coup attempt Cumhur Alliance after its establishment. President Erdogan said, dik Here is what we have done and carried to the ballot box that we established with the Nationalist Movement Party, which we hold together with the future and future of our nation on the coup night. Cumhurbaskani

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Ozhaseki and Sincan Mayor Candidate Murat Ercan, who want to support President Erdogan, Ankara in the hands of AK Party municipalities 17 years, from airport to rail systems said that there is a great change.

President Erdogan concluded his words as follows: It is our neck to do the best. We trust our mayor candidates. I believe that we are facing you with the candidates who will bring the best service to Ankara and Xinjiang. For this reason, we entrust our candidates to the 31st of March elections, so we entrust Sincan to our candidates. Not only here, I hope your neighbor will receive Yenimahalle, the CHP does not suit there, it will get there, let's be served in Yenimahalle, "he said.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey