We carried our democracy forward by not recognizing the will over the will of the nation “

In his speech at the AK Party Kastamonu rally, President Erdogan said, ada We carried our democracy forward by not recognizing the will of the nation on the contrary of the public. We strengthened our economy with the steps we took in relying on our potential in every field. We enlightened our future by wasting scenarios, breaking games and tearing dark plans.

President and President of the AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 31 March Local Administration Elections campaign within the scope of the AK Party's Kastamonu Northkent Square in the rally was addressed to citizens.

President Erdogan, who emphasized that Kastamonu's thousand-year-old Turkish and Muslim city is the hero city of Canakkale and Istiklal wars, welcomed all Kastamonu people. President Erdogan wished his condolences to the Turkish nation by wishing God mercy to the soldiers who were killed in a helicopter crash in Istanbul yesterday.


Kastamonu Nasrullah Mosque Turkey has an important place in the recent history pointing to President Erdogan, here preaching Mehmet Akif Ersoy, after it count losses until the day, "O Muslims, you open your eyes, take heed. God forbid we can not find a place to put our heads if we are sentenced to such a fate. Un Reminding that the spirit of Independence War has declared its essence, its goal.

Turkey has not changed on account of those days today, opponents of President Erdogan also stated that, "Turkey to be strong, to remain strong and are constantly forced to go forward. The day we counted in our place is the day we started to regress d.

The AK Party, Turkey's recipients, its own history, its own civilization, which sets its own power that expressed so much under attack President Erdogan, Turkey's umbrella they grew to encompass all of our heart the world of this umbrella of both heart and both its own citizens Turkey has turned its eyes to all the brothers, friends, he said they will bring the case into the oppressed.


President Erdogan continued his words as follows: ir We carried our democracy forward by not recognizing the will of the nation on the contrary of the people who are overlooked. We strengthened our economy with the steps we took in relying on our potential in every field. We've brightened our future by destroying scenarios, breaking games and tearing dark plans. To us, they were enemies. They became enemies to us because we joined our nation, instilled trust in our people and raised our state. Mill

Iz For years, our country politics, economy, foreign policy, social and cultural climate, not thank you to those who took captive, we are keen on us for our own goals, asiyla said President Erdogan,, Well, we regret this? Never. On the contrary, I see these hostilities that we are exposed to as a document of truth in the eyes of the Right and the nation iz.


President Erdogan pointed out that they have invested a total of 15 billion liras in Kastamonu over the last 16 years, and that they have provided 971 new classrooms, 29 thousand students, 6 thousand 446 thousand people, and more than one year. and Tosya said that five dormitory buildings with a total capacity of 5 thousand 770 will be built.

3 thousand 556 housing projects have been implemented through TOKI, the facade improvement and renovation work has been done in 2 thousand 383 buildings and 930 buildings have been shaved in such a way that they will not double twice. The work was restored.

The National Garden project will be realized in Kuzeykent District and within the scope of the project, there will be many sections such as nation's coffee house, square, car park, sports fields, science center, open air science exhibition area, workshop, pond, aquarium, bicycle and walking paths. Erdogan, Kastamonu, social benefits, health, transportation, infrastructure, irrigation, farmer to support investments in such areas.


President Erdogan, "Kastamonu in the coming period to move forward in all areas with our ministries, municipalities, we will work more with you, more projects will be implemented," he said. In the elections of 31 March, security of the ballot box is very important, emphasizing that the AK Party organization should defend the chests of President Erdogan, the AK Party's ballot box officials said that one hour before the start of voting process should be at the beginning of the polls.

More recently in front of Turkey, each time striking attempt to hinder the development of a different set of putting President Erdogan, state and nation was given as a continuous struggle for a thousand years, repeated whether they are tired of fighting. President Erdogan, when a move Turkey yapsa coup, cuntayl to, he tried to cut the crisis front, transferring the Menderes and Ozal, such as the AK Party's too late to fight the 17-year rule, he continued: "We have established the AK Party. And we formed our party, we became power in 16 months alone. We broke the guardianship, they took out the gangs of treachery. We crushed the terrorists' heads and carried the threat outside our borders. We developed our democracy. They hugged those who insulted the nation and the national will. We strengthened the economy, with exchange rate-interest attacks, they overwhelmed our people with perception operations. They have never left our country and our nation. As they squeezed us, we were more engaged. As they squeezed us, we became stronger as the state. As they tightened us, we further reinforced our commitment to achieve our goals as a country. We are very aware of the importance of our responsibility and struggle in this respect. M


What they are doing they are aware of the vital too are victims of daily politics, so far what global forces nor Erdogan their subcontractors President added that they were not part of the agenda in Turkey, "Look, they exchange rates, interest rates, diploma with, not the perception, onions our country this time, potatoes , pepper, eggplant, cucumber, pepper, all these are trying to make the opposite corner. We have taken this move with the measures we've failed. We have set up sales places like the sales places, at a time the prices have halved, they will go down further, Tanz he said.

President Erdogan, sales of food products from the sale of a variety of cleaning products will be done in the market, where the products will be introduced to the people reported what is there.

Ler We do not ignore the problems of our nation because of the fluctuations in the economy, ini President Erdogan said. support, ease of planning, they said that they implement.


Due to the attacks suffered by Turkey is very large fees paid pointing to President Erdogan's first agreement with the IMF, the CHP to power in it's done, the AK Party does not come to power that struggled to clear the IMF debt and recalled that in May 2013 the IMF's debt to zero.

President Erdogan continued his words as follows:, We hope to reach the goals we have worked day and night to increase the efficiency of the earth's wheels, the fertility of the soil, the breadth of the counter, and the breadth of our bread. Hopefully with the spring, not only in the weather, but also in the hearts of a climate of warmth, warmth and joy will be attained. For this, it is very important that the March 31st election results in the continuation of stability and confidence. Moving to the Presidency Government System, which is one of the most important management reforms of our history, made things easier. We raise Turkey among the world's 10 largest economies by the permission of Allah the day everything will come to a very different case. March 31 is an important turning point in this blessed march. I believe that you will make the right decision for both your city and your country.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey