We cannot reach any goal without building an education system that is compatible with the values and values of our nation

In his speech at the General Assembly of the Association of Imam-Hathish People, President Erdogan stated: We cannot achieve any goal without building an education system that is appropriate to our nation's belief, values, history and culture. We have worked for years to be the most ideal place of this education model for our nation to be Imam Hatip schools.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the General Assembly of ONDER's Association of Imams. President Erdogan delivered a speech in the program held at Istanbul's Ali Emiri Efendi Cultural Center.

Dr. ONDER stated that he regards the Association of Imam-Hathish People as one of the locomotive organizations of the civilization case and that it is a big part to assume the duty under this roof.


President Erdogan said that the aim of the education was to educate the ideal people, and in the Islamic civilization, the aim was to educate the righteous people. Noting that the most ideal place of this education model is the Imam Hatip schools, President Erdogan said that the nation has come forward and has achieved to be the most genuine place for the nation's own values.

That everyone will pursue knowledge through education; President Erdogan emphasized that this was the duty of the Imam Hatip, and said: he said.

Underlining this, President Erdogan underlined that he did not say to make a distinction between Imam Hatip schools, science schools and vocational high schools. "I'm trying to put this as an Imam Hatipli of course, this is the event," he added.

President Erdogan said that his office and position do not belong to him. . This is the necessity of the training we have already received, so we have to do it. Ter


President Erdogan continued his speech, said: "Turkey, the single-party era of our nation to target diseased mentality altogether mankurtlastir partly succeeds if you get rid of, it is due to fight around the Imam oratory. The more we understand the mission of this institution that brings its members together under the roof, the better we can realize our responsibility. You are expected to be a light, a guide, a seeker of truth, not just in front of this nation, but the whole nation and beyond. In the words of the Master, this is a very big and at the same time 'hor and an orphan'. In order to successfully conclude this severe test, we will work without waiting for any rank or property, and without any rest, every day, every day, just in hope of our Lord. Lend

Noting that they will never forget the value of the struggle and sacrifices made in this blessed case, President Erdogan said that the sacrifices of many young people and their families whose lives are getting harder and ending because they refuse to leave the Imam Hatip schools are very much in memory. .

In his speech; 20 years ago, because it is in Pinarhisar prison Imam-Hatip high schools Bilal Erdogan son could not attend the graduation ceremony and read a letter he wrote to his friends President Erdogan, "Turkey 20 years from where come together, we saw. For this, we will always look at our future with hope, ece he added.


Imam issues Hatip schools in Turkey, a simple school and the education system debate far beyond Erdogan President pointed out that has a meaning, "People's beliefs, values, reason behind the history and culture of the receiving target first imam of the odds we know very well" said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the party leader that during his speech with the leader of the main opposition party, it was revealed that the leader of the political party in the Imam Hatip schools thought that only Arabic, exegesis, jurisprudence, hadith were given as vocational courses. Philosophy, mathematics, physics and chemistry are also given. Referring to another political party leader Camlica Mosque, What is the need for a 60 thousand-person mosque in Buyuk Camlica? Bin said President Erdogan. Do you ask this account to go to Fatih a? Ors he said.


President Erdogan emphasized that a tree truncated will continue to grow, grow and flourish as long as its roots remain intact. Those who attack the Imam, they want to dry the roots of our nation. Because these schools, all the shortcomings, all the troubles, despite all the wounds of our nation's roots and the body represents the link between the Cunku found.

President Erdogan, who said that even though he had graduated from these schools, he said there was oldugun what do you need for this imam hatibe? he can't say it. Why? We need him, and we need that. He is not aware of what the Imam-Hatip schools mean as function graduates. Therefore, we have to prove here the taxpayer and the success of this place everywhere we have to show the poor, muk he said.

President Erdogan stressed that the intentions of those who tried to kill the middle sections of the Imam Hatip in the 28th of February and made it impossible to pass the high school departments by making it impossible to pass the university, added that following the following, President Erdogan added: Today, there is not much left behind from the 28 February mentality, which will last for a thousand years, but our tree of civilization, which they try to dry out, continues to live much more lush. Because they didn't know: Power thought we had. However, 'la galibe illallah', they need to know, the only one who is victorious, if they knew that they could not say that. And praise be to it. Ve

When they took office in 2002, President Erdogan reminded that the middle sections of the Imam Hatip schools were not closed, and that the number of high schools was 536 and the number of students was 64 thousand 500. Today, with its 1 million 300 students and 3 thousand 444 schools, the share of Imam Hatip high schools in the national education system is still he expressed a rather modest level.


President Erdogan, adding that they attach importance to quality and content rather than juvenile, stated that it is possible for Mehmet Akif to achieve great results even with these numbers if he can educate the i Generation of Asim which is his will. President Erdogan, "We begin to lean elsewhere, we need to prepare a generation like the sun will sink for the sake of a crescent, for this we need to work hard, we need to increase our efforts on this road," he said.

President Erdogan continued his speech:, Being an Imam Hatipli means being a man or being a suitor. The man in charge will first know what his case is, and from what he has learned, he will be aware of where he stands inside, starting from his own self, in his family, friends, his city, his country, and finally in the entire period. Besides, he will live his case in his life, leave the center in the slightest warrant and not escape to another place, it is very important. Here are some of the places we are looking at, here in the elections, if God gives salvation, the changes immediately union, the following-these, everything, everyone began to be thrown. This isn't about being a case man. Is that so? If we do not live our case, it is impossible for the efforts in this direction to reach the conclusion. S

President Erdogan underlined that those learned in the Imam Hatip schools and those who are in the climate of ONDER, can be bettered to the nation and the Ummah as long as the values of the organizations are experienced.

President of the civilization case, together with the leadership of the Imam Prayer will lead to the summit of all together President Erdogan, the largest civilization case should be shoulder to shoulder in the last period, said they were saddened to follow the different media.


President Erdogan continued his remarks as follows: Cam In fact, this sector has experienced such a skirmish that during the Republican era, I have just stated that it has come to a place to say 'unnecessary' even for the Great Camlica Mosque, which is the largest mosque that we have brought to our country. Throughout our lives, we have always kept our struggle apart from political competition with our old cause. We know very well who made our mosques in the barn. Just over here, within the boundaries of Fatih, within the fortifications close to 400 masjids. Who? This is known by the CHP. And some of these we rebuilt and began to rebuild. We know that's what they did. But if they try to say something that gets up by adding a 7th arrow to 6 arrows, don't mind them,

Stating that it is understandable to think differently in daily politics and to be involved in different ranks in the elections, oller But the false attitudes of the Great Camlica Mosque and the symbols of our civilization case can never be explained, davran said President Erdogan. Leri It seems that those who behave in this way are completely in the same club as the one we have been fighting since the one-party era. It is understood that the cooperation that started in the elections quickly spread to all areas of life. I wish my Lord to illuminate the minds and hearts of those who misguided such wrong paths. Rab

Expressing his gratitude to those who served under the roof of ONDER, President Erdogan concluded his speech by wishing that the general assembly would be instrumental in bestowing and wishing the new administration success.


After the program, President Erdogan, Fatih Municipality, 31 March Local Administrations General Elections after taking the mazbatasini Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergun Turan visited and wished success in his mission. During his visit, President Erdogan was accompanied by AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmus and AK Party Istanbul Province President Bayram Senocak.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey