We are bringing a very different work to our city with Kanal Ankara Project, which includes the people of our nation

. We are building one of the most beautiful National Gardens in Ankara, which connects Lake Eymir and Mogan in GAllbasi, tAlren said President Erdogan. Our nation garden, including Imrahor'dan Mogan'a start with the 35-kilometer Channel Ankara Project, we are bringing a very different work to our city, izi he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the official opening ceremony of 209 pen and works, totaling 306 million pounds. President Erdogan delivered a speech at the ceremony held on Karanfil Avenue.

Expressing his seventh district rally in Ankara and the opening ceremony of the public in GAllbasi, President Erdogan said that they would like to convert the district visit into a service feast with the opening ceremony.


GAllbasi'nin symbol of the town's population and attractiveness of Lake Mogan Lake was affected by this, and the ruling about the lake began to clean as President Erdogan, the lake, do the cleaning of the bottom, additional water reinforcement, said they used in the botanical garden sludge.

President of the AK Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Mehmet Ozhaseki'nin Ministry of Environment and Urbanization during the period of all the actions of the Mogan Lake draws attention to President Erdogan, Ozhaseki and the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidency of the President Ramazan Simsek'a asked for support from citizens.

President Erdogan said, We are building one of the most beautiful National Gardens in Ankara, which connects Lake Eymir and Mogan in this region. With our 35-kilometer Canal Ankara Project, which encompasses our garden, from Imrahor to Mogan, we bring a very different work to our city. Within the scope of this project, there will be many units from youth and science centers to camp areas, orchards and museums. Bu


President Erdogan, who informed that the foundations of this project will change the face of the south of Ankara, stated that the construction of bridged intersections on the way to Konya is continuing rapidly.

Today, President Erdogan added that they have officially opened 209 projects including urban parks, neighborhoods, family living centers, sports centers and cultural centers. noted that they have established a suitable infrastructure.

President Erdogan, the continued construction of the new state hospital will enter service next year, the district also Oral Health Center also giving the information they provide Turkey with a population of 250 thousand in the bottom of the drop is the only health center of life on the ground, cancer screening, pregnancy, immunization and obesity unit, sports hall, school health unit in GAllbasi underlined that the service.

Turkey's most important, one of the defense industry centers Space Systems Integration and reminiscent Test Center's GAllbasi'nda the establishment of President Erdogan, "In the coming period GAllbasi'nda that we already see will be one of Ankara's most fashionable districts will continue to support the much larger investment. March 31 is very important for this, Bun he said.


attention can not be insignificant choice in a country like Turkey's President Erdogan continued as follows: "As Turkey, around the world, teeming all power, account of his every election in a geography that uses power is a survival choice. We are saying that this is the choice of 31 March for the survivor. By putting his hand in his conscience, everyone who looks after our country and the environment will deliver this fact. Beyond our borders, the terrorist organizations waiting for our country to stumble, all their hopes are bound to 31 March. power, which accounts for over Turkey, they were waiting for her eyes fixed on March 31st. How much prayer in our country, with our flag, our homeland, national will, democracy, if we have a problematic with our future, all of the forces have been loaded with 31 March.

Citizens on March 8 at the International Women's Day in the leadership of the CHP and HDP gathered in Taksim, the images of women disrespectful to the prayer of President Erdogan, among those who disrespect to the persecution of CHP, HDP voters, FETO'cilerini said.

"Someone is why, cooperation with terrorist organizations at the expense of trying to bring a turning point appeared March 31?" Asks President Erdogan, "Because they say not municipalities, is itself directly to Turkey. The PKK, which Turkey's cooperation can not be an object of charity. There is no concern for the good of the Turkish nation that cooperates with FETO. Dark alliances in the window of the separate, the separate bargains in the cellar can not be a worry about this country, in he found.

President Erdogan, the CHP said he tried to disgrace alliance to divide Turkey, led by the CHP joint act by hdp'n managers and deputies of the terrorist organization PKK praising and phrases in support of the actions with hdp'y support the ringleader in Kandil terrorist organization images of the citizens who want to show the images.

HDPE Co-Chairman Sezai-Based 'votes in Kurdistan hdp'y to' Erdogan reminded the President said, however, that by exploiting the Kurdish citizens have voiced Turkey's Kurdish-Based trying to split.

President Erdogan, who reiterated that another HDP leader had said he would erect a statue of the terrorist organization, said: yAln What does it say? He's gonna plant his statue. Where will you stand? He is planting in prison now, O he said.

President Erdogan reiterated his intention to continue this alliance by explaining that the Cumhur Alliance was established in squares at the time of the July 15 coup.


President Erdogan added that the CHP and the HDP had established an alliance, but denied it, and added: bunu The rulers of the party under the command of the separatist organization clearly express their support. If you ask the CHP, there is no such alliance. His name is good, but he's got a mixed party, and if you ask him, he's really a high referee. If you ask the Saadists in this alliance at the expense of their denial, they do not accept. But the members of the terrorist organization are listed as candidates in the lists of the municipal councils of all these parties and our citizens living there know very well. Ama

President Erdogan stated that the CHP and HDP had the support of GAllbasi district mayor, HDP and Good Party in the election of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and supported each other in these regions. We have dismissed all mayors who have entered the order of the separatist organization after the pit events. Now these, CHP in some places, in some places in the Good Party, and sometimes Saadet through the terrorist organizations are trying to leak their support to municipalities. Yer

After his speech, President Erdogan made a mass opening of services and works.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey