Uzbek woman walks again after surgery in Turkey

A 59-year-old Uzbek woman who fell from a tree 40 years ago, has walked again after a successful surgery in Turkey.

Inoyatkhan Qasimova said she was only 15 when she fell down from the tree and broke both her legs.

She was taken to a hospital in eastern Uzbekistan's Fergana city, where she was treated for four years.

Doctors encased plaster up to my chest. My leg bones began to bend a while after the plaster was removed. I went to the hospital and received surgery again, but it did not improve. I completely lost my ability to walk, Qasimova said.

Qasimova said she came to Konya with the hope of regaining her health after her pain increased last year.

I never thought I would become bedridden after an accident. For years I tried to relieve my pain with medication. I thought that I would be bedridden for the rest of my life because there was no such technological equipment or health facilities in the city I live in. I am reborn here, she said.

She was treated in Farabi Hospital in central Konya thanked her Turkish doctors and expressed her excitement to be reunited with her family in her country.

I was a bit worried before the surgery. Thanks to my doctor, he gave me moral support, Qasimova added.

Orthopedics and traumatology specialist Mehmet Arazi, Qasimova's doctor, said: Even though we do not communicate in the same language, we can see her satisfaction. She is very comfortable right now.

Our patient is able to walk almost without support after four days since the operation. When she stood before, her knees were severely giving way. We have fixed this with the operation. Now she can step perfectly flat on the ground.

She will now be able to return to Uzbekistan on her own two legs.

Source: Anadolu Agency