US students in Washington introduced to Turkish culture

Turkey's Embassy in Washington introduced its country and culture to elementary school students in the U.S.

The embassy discussed Turkey's culture, nature, language and cuisine with Barnard Elementary School student during a visit Tuesday.

"Our young friends in 5th grade had a taste of delicious Turkish delight, a sense of Turkish music and a stamp on their passports! We can't wait to meet for a second time!" the embassy said on Twitter.

The embassy said the visit was held with contributions from the Yunus Emre Institute as part of the District of Columbia Public Schools' Embassy Adoption Program (EAP).

The Yunus Emre Institute is a public foundation that works to promote Turkey's language, history, culture and art to increase cultural exchange.

The EAP is a global education program that affords fifth and sixth-grade students the unique opportunity to expand their global awareness through direct interactions with diplomats from around the world to meet with foreign cultures.

Source: Anadolu Agency