Uighur families pay the price for their relatives to report in the US

The story of China's mass detention of Muslim Uighurs is a story of the free messenger of the Uighur voice of the Free Asia Radio in the United States. Among the families of many families are thousands and possibly millions of people who have been detained for political reasons and sent to re-education camps Bir.

These include elderly parents, siblings and other relatives. According to Ozgur Asya Radio, Chinese authorities are using families living in Xinjiang to pressure the relatives of US-based journalists to stop reporting what is happening in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Or When my brother was arrested, my mother, the police, told him, 'Why are you arresting my son?' he asked". Hodja told the police officer that he told him that the reason for the arrest of his family was that Hodja was a correspondent in the United States.

Major news organizations, mostly Free Asia Radio and the Free Asia Radio Uighur Service, said that the events in China's western region removed the secrets.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned China's placement of Uighurs in mass re-education camps: They are largely destroying people's religious beliefs. De

Sound of Uighurs

Currently, a US citizen or permanent resident of the Free Asia Radio, the six-year-old reporter of the media under the control of the Chinese state will do news of things that will never do.

Free Asia Radio is a private, non-profit, multi-media news company funded by the US government and offers uncensored news in the Asian community. In spite of broadcasting and Internet barriers, China is reaching out to nine languages in Tibet, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma as well as Uyghur.

Assistant editor Memetcan Cuma (45) says three of his brothers were taken into custody or arrested. He says he is afraid that his three other brothers may also be arrested. The widow and her helpless mother can't hear from her. Ler The only thing that comfort me is that those who are persecuted are not only my brothers. Every Uighur on the target board. We are not the voice of the Uighurs, so no one else will get up and fight for the Uighurs. Biz

SAlhret Hosur (53) fled from Sincan 20 years ago after being questioned for his political writings. One of her brothers was sent to prison and her 78-year-old mother was recently detained.

Fame Honor: ilem Most people do not know why they were taken into custody, the reason for my family is taken into custody is very clear, Hos he says.

Gulcehre Hoca, who has been working in Uygur Service of Ozgur Asya Radio for 17 years, points out that he left his successful career behind his home, family, friends and lovers. We need to be sacrificed. Freedom is not free. Ay Hodja's elderly parents were released last March.

Kurban Niyaz (47) came to the US for postgraduate study and stayed in the USA. As soon as he started working on Radio Free Asia, in May 2017, he began to gather members of his family in Xinjiang, including his younger brother, who was taken by Chinese state security officials.

Celil Kashgarli (53), who has been working on Radio Free Asia since 1999, said that his brother, sister-in-law and many cousins were taken into custody. Celil Kashgarli is proud of China's efforts to reveal his bad attitude towards Uighurs in Xinjiang and he is aware that many of his Uygur relatives do not have the fundamental rights and freedoms he has in the United States. Var Here we have the chance to give our people some freedom of expression and to explain what the Uighurs in the Region have lived. The Uighur people have never had such a possibility. Uyg

Facing the pressure

Eset Suleyman (48) believes that one of his brothers and some other relatives were detained in Xinjiang. She's lost her mother recently.

Solomon did not tell his mother where he worked; He learned where his son worked when three police officers knocked on his door and the police said, 'Your son who lives in America is off with China. og Police officers warned that the results would not be good unless Suleiman stopped doing this.

Solomon, "This is a great pressure on me, but this is my job, I can not stop," he adds.

US Vice President Pence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the first meeting held last July at the meeting of the Religious Freedom international audience listening to him "the US has favors religious freedom in the past, today, the freedom of religion in the future will always favor the freedom of religion," he said.

The US State Department's current Human Rights Reports point out that China has implemented highly repressive security measures under the guise of combating terrorism, detained, detained and harassed people with peaceful political and religious views.

Source: US Embassy Turkey