Turkish women doctors help underprivileged children discover artist within them

A Turkish foundation organized on Wednesday a mobile art workshop for underprivileged children in the rural areas of Turkey’s southeastern Batman province.

Volunteer doctors of the Female Physicians Education Support Foundation (KAHEV) helped children in a village of Kozluk town play games and create art projects.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Dr. Demet Baser, chairperson of the foundation’s executive board, emphasized the significance of art in people’s lives, saying their social lives and spiritual worlds would be lacking without art.

Helping children discover the artist within them, the women doctors plan to cover the southeastern Anatolia region with the project on the weekends, Baser said.

“When we see children happy, we also experience this happiness,” she said, adding: “We try to do everything we can to be beneficial for the children of this country.”

About the project activities, she said: “We have held a marble and mud workshop in the village. The children made some sculptures using their imagination, and choosing the colors and the patterns for marbling art.”

“As goodness multiplies by sharing it, we want to do more acts of goodness as we continue.”

Source: Anadolu Agency