Turkish TV series breaks ratings records in Tunisia

The second season of a popular Turkish television series has attracted more than four million Tunisian viewers in a country of less than 12 million people, a Tunisian TV ratings company said Thursday.

The Magnificent Century: Kosem, starring actor Halit Ergenc, focuses on the life and times of 16th-century Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

The show has enjoyed ratings of almost 50 percent in its current timeslot since its second season kicked off in Tunisia on Nov. 6, according to the ratings company.

The Magnificent Century: Kosem is the sequel to the Turkish period drama The Magnificent Century, which first aired in 2011.

The first series followed the life of Mahpeyker Kosem Sultan, a slave girl who eventually became one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history.

Source: Anadolu Agency