Turkish Treasury to repay over $21.4B debt in Feb-April

Turkey's Treasury will repay debts worth 156.4 billion Turkish liras (around $21.4 billion) in the next three months, the Treasury and Finance Ministry announced Friday.

Including 13.7 billion lira ($1.9 billion) in interest payments, the Treasury will repay 44.6 billion Turkish liras ($6.1 billion) in external debts.

During the February-April period, 111.9 billion Turkish liras (around $15.3 billion) of domestic debt redemption is also projected -- around 20% of this amount will be interest payments, while the rest will be principal payment.

According to the ministry's borrowing strategy, the Treasury will borrow 119.6 billion Turkish liras ($16.4 billion) from domestic markets in the next three months.

The Treasury has projected to hold 28 bond auctions and a direct sale of lease certificates -- no planned external borrowing -- in February-April period.

Source: Anadolu Agency