Turkish foundation ready for Syrian migration wave

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) General Director Mehmet Savas Polat said Thursday they had taken all measures for a possible migration movement in Syria's northwestern Idlib.

"As TDV teams, we have taken all measures in case of a possible migration movement in Idlib," Polat said in a statement.

Polat said teams were coordinating in Syria for preparations on measures to take before the potential migration movements reached the border.

He said 2,000 children were receiving education in Idlib with the foundation's support. All stationery expenses of the pupils are covered by TDV and 100 teachers are employed at these schools.

The TDV has opened four shops distributing free clothes in Idlib. It also hands out 70,000 loaves of bread a day to families in need, Polat said.

Polat also said that 15,000 hot meals and loaves of bread for 90,000 people are provided daily to the families living in camps in Syria's northwestern Azaz and al-Bab.

He said there were three outlets distibuting free clothes operating in these areas.

Polat added that Turkey's top religious authority Diyanet and TDV had restored 113 mosques in Syria's northwestern Afrin and al-Bab, which were damaged by terror groups' attacks.

The statement also said that since the start of Syrian civil war, TDV has provided aid worth 200 million Turkish liras ($32 million) and sent 1,850 aid trucks to the region.

Source: Anadolu Agency