Turkish doctors provide operations to ailing Gazans

A number of Turkish doctors on Wednesday conducted surgical operations on Palestinian patients in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

A four-doctor delegation from Doctors Worldwide-Turkey, an NGO, arrived in Gaza last week to provide medical operations to ailing Palestinians at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Gaza's largest hospital.

"We came to Gaza to help our Palestinian brethren who are suffering from an array of health problems," Turkish orthopedic doctor Ali Oner told Anadolu Agency.

Oner said the visit would last four more days, during which the four doctors are scheduled to carry out almost 10 separate medical procedures.

Oner said he hopes to soon return to the enclave and carry out more needed procedures and operations.

In 2015, Doctors Worldwide-Turkey opened an office in Gaza where it continues to carry out projects in the public health and humanitarian sectors.

Source: Anadolu Agency