Turkish company delivers field hospitals to UN

ANKARA: Turkish company Turmaks, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile field hospitals, said on Thursday it had completed two military field hospitals for the United Nations in Ghana and South Sudan.

"We have been working in Africa since 2007, helping the United Nations to heal Africa's pain with the construction of hospitals," the company's general director, Ali Bayramoglu said.

The new hospitals were manufactured in line with the Level 1 hospital standards, according to the company statement.

A Level 1 clinic provides diagnosis and treatment services with its medical units such as consultation, emergency and patient rooms, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and sterilization units.

Turmaks said also in its statement that the company had provided a one-week-training to the Ghana Armed Forces, when the hospitals were delivered in Accra, the country's capital, to explain the technical and medical components.

Turmaks, established in 1997, is a major Turkish manufacturer of fast support and mobile field hospitals. The company has completed several healthcare projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Darfur (in western Sudan), Cote d'Ivoire, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and the Maldives.

Source: Anadolu Agency