“Turkey’s interests and achievements of the established goals against Turkey will disrupt every big trap”

President Erdogan, the AK Party in his speech at the rally in Sivas, "from inside or outside Turkey to shield those who wish to do operations on our chest, we will give the necessary response costs. In the interests of Turkey, Turkey's achievements to the established goals against Turkey will disrupt every big trap, "he said.

President and President of the AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan, March 31 Local Government Elections campaign organized the first rally Sivas Republic Square addressed to citizens.

President Erdogan saluted the Sivasites at the beginning of his speech and counted the districts of Sivas and conveyed his greetings to the citizens in these areas.


The city is located in the crossroads of trade lines of Sivas, the ri sultan city of trade 'for centuries, GAlk Medrese, Sifahiye Madrasa, Buruciye Madrasah and Cifte Minareli Madrasa with Sivas, ilmin sultan city describing President Erdogan, inda Europe's medieval darkness four candles illuminating the Islamic world at a time when he was living were burning in Sivas. yas

President Erdogan reminded that the city had an important place in the national struggle, and on 4 September 1919, he was the capital of the national struggle for 108 days.

Turkey's first producing indigenous aircraft and Turkey railway network with equipment that Sivasli great service man late Nuri Demirag mercy when voicing President Erdogan, "the distinguished name of the Turkish political history, struggle and lawsuits man" is to be in the late Muhsin Yazicioglu he once more wished a mercy from Allah.

President Erdogan, a very special place in the heart of Sivas, Sivas, but not a nifak, unity, togetherness of the feelings of sprouting, adding that those who try to stain Sivas, those who are displeased by the great power behind it, he said.


President Erdogan pointed out that there are some rumors that the AK Party will withdraw the candidate for the Mayor of Sivas, ceken Don't be fooled by these rumors, corruption and mischief. We are not the ordinary neighborhood party, this country has ruled the glorious 16 years, the AK Party, which is known in the world. At present, our Alliance has two pillars; AK Party and Nationalist Movement Party. There is no other party inside the Cumhur Alliance. Do not take pictures of us with random pictures of those who abuse this picture on the left, sol he said.

President Erdogan, who drew attention to the fact that they started their first rally in Sivas on March 31st, stated that there is a meaning, and that Sivas was a headquarters defending captivity, defending independence and freedom and this year on September 4, 100th anniversary of the Sivas Congress. reminded of celebration.

The Turkish nation, Sivas, "national borders within the homeland is an indivisible whole, can not be fragmented," he said that the challenge of seven dowels, "mandate and patronage unacceptable" in the determination of independence and the future of the world he cried out the world cried President Erdogan, He continued: buradan Here today, the start of the 31 March elections in Sivas, 100 years later, we repeat those principles, those decisions, those ideals here. When we set off from Sivas, we say: In the national borders, the homeland is a whole. Our homeland, our flag, our state, our nation, our independence, our honor, our honor. We break every hand that goes to our homeland, to our flag, to our independence. We broke at Cudi, broke at Tendurek, broke at Gabar and broke at Kandil again, we would break it again. In Afrin, In Cerablus we gave the lesson to those who wanted to attack us, we give it again. From inside or outside Turkey who want to do operations on the data we need to answer the trenches at the expense of our chest. In the interests of Turkey, Turkey's achievements to the established goals against Turkey will disrupt every big trap. Presidential Government of Turkey will be reinstated in the enthusiasm dreaming save the system by opening the debate. "


President Erdogan stated that they invested a total of 28 billion pounds in Sivas in the last 16 years; examples of health, sports, infrastructure, transportation, housing and tourism investments.

President Erdogan pointed out that the total of 341 km of railway within the borders of Sivas province was renewed and played a role in the revival of TADEMSAS. To date, we have produced nearly 6 thousand freight wagons Bugun.

President Erdogan, SITAS Modern Concrete Traverse Factory was established in the city, the total cost of 10 billion pounds and the ongoing construction of the Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas high-speed train line this year, the test will start and the next year will be opened to the operation of the line, the Sivas-Erzincan high-speed train The infrastructure works of the project are underway, and the high-speed train line that will connect Sivas to Malatya will be completed this year.

Annual 3 million passenger capacity, domestic and international terminal buildings at the Nuri Demirag Airport in Sivas, the passenger traffic of 61 thousand in 2003, which reached 592 thousand last year, transferring President Erdogan, irrigation projects built in the last 16 years, 510 thousand decares of agricultural land began to be watered , Sivas' s drinking water needs are met, Sivas farmers said a total of 1.8 billion pounds of agricultural support given.


In the framework of the decision to increase the production of cannabis, President Erdogan stressed that they planned to add Sivas to a list of provinces to be produced. said they plan to announce.

Assign 82 in Sivas relic of the work restored it, a UNESCO World located Divrigi Heritage List in the Grand Mosque and DarussifAsi President Erdogan, indicating the continuation of extensive restoration, it would give instructions for the restoration of the Grand Mosque and restoration as soon as possible to launch the lyrics to added.

President Erdogan, the main opposition party, noting that the alliance with a party led a terrorist organization, "Tell me your friend, tell you who you are" reminded of his promise.


Economy is disposed of by the measure fluctuations in the last month, they were in intense work for the security of Turkey stressed that President Erdogan found the following assessment: "Here You saw what happened in Afrin? Two months in Afrin, we used leblebi, kernel? What did we use? We used bullets, we used bombs. What did we do with all these unmanned aerial vehicles? We destroyed these terrorists. This is similar to what is tomato, like a eggplant, and like a sharp pepper. When my ancestors conquered Canakkale, what did they eat, drink and know? Target is deflecting target. 3 cents, 5 cents when the place we give more but we merde, namerde do not feed this land. 3

President Erdogan ended his speech by asking for the support of the AK Party candidate in the 31 March elections.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey