Turkey: Spring in Cappadocia treat for eyes

Spring in Cappadocia, a tourist hub in central Turkey, is a treat for the eyes.

The region is famous for its unique "fairy chimney" volcanic cones, valleys, underground cities, boutique hotels, houses carved into rocks, churches, chapels, and shelters used during the early years of the Christian faith.

Tourists often enjoy a bird's-eye view of the historic sites with hot air balloon trips.

Jason Stevens, a tourist from New Zealand hiking in the Kiliclar Valley in Goreme town, said he is happy to see the colors of spring and the rock formations.

Stevens said he and his family visited museums and historical sites in the region, adding that he will recommend Cappadocia to his friends.

Mustafa Narter, owner of a facility in Cappadocia, said that he offers his guests a tour around the valleys in the region.

"Although I live in the region, I refresh myself from time to time by watching the fairy chimneys. I drive my 1955 model car, travelling with my guests and they are satisfied," he said.

The region, located in Central Anatolia's Nevsehir province, is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Source: Anadolu Agency