ANKARA, - Turkey has completed equipping its first military base in Africa, in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, which is also the second overseas military installation, local daily Sabah said.

The base, which is expected to be operational soon, will host Turkish military officers, to train Somali troops against terrorist organisations.

Some 200 Turkish officers will be deployed to the base, in the first stage, to train 10,500 Somalian soldiers, the report said.

Turkey and Somalia inked a defence cooperation agreement on Jan 25, 2015, in the framework of Turkey's pledge to build up a national army for the Somalian state. The deal has been subsequently approved by the United Nations.

The military base is seen as output of increasing security threats, which caused concerns in both Mogadishu and Ankara.

Turkey has been providing military support to Somalia for over five years, under the military and financial cooperation deals between the two countries.

Somalian authorities face serious challenges from the al-Qaeda-aligned Al-Shabab terrorists, which also pose security threats to the Turkish mission in Somalia.

Turkish first overseas military base was established in Qatar in Apr, as part of a security agreement.

Source: Nam News Network