ANKARA, - Turkish president's spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, strongly condemned the claims saying Turkish military operation in northern Syria is against Syrian Kurds and their achievements, Turkish Anadolu Agency reported.

Speaking at a press conference in Ankara, Kalin stressed that, "Turkey had no problem with Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Iraq or Syria, or any Kurd in any part of the world."

"Turkey's problem is the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party (PYD)," Kalin said.

The spokesman stated that, the Euphrates Shield Operation, launched last week, is against the Daesh and other terror organisations, with an objective of eliminating the terror threat along Turkish border.

Kalin said that, Turkish military offensive would continue until "all threats to Turkish citizens" are eradicated from the whole region.

He also said that, "agreement with the PYD is out of the question."

Meanwhile, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator, Omer Celik, refuted allegations that there had been a cease-fire agreement between Turkey and the PKK/PYD.

While Turkey considers the PYD to be the Syrian offshoot of the terrorist PKK organisation, the U.S. sees the group as its ally in the fight against Daesh.

Source: Nam News Network