“Turkey is not only for their own future, the region must take the initiative for peace and tranquility”

President Erdogan, in his speech at the 11th Ambassadors' Conference "Turkey not only for their own future, the region must take the initiative for peace and tranquility. Our recent experiences in Syria have shown us once again that olmadan we will not be on the table without the field sah. When necessary, with dialogue, soft power elements when necessary, when necessary 'compelling diplomacy' means, if necessary, by using actual force, we will certainly defend our national interests.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave lunch to the ambassadors attending the 11th Ambassadors Conference at the Presidential Complex.

Speaking at the dinner, President Erdogan said that the Conference of Ambassadors, which has become traditional, offers a broad basis for consultation with other organizations as well as the external organization.


President Erdogan pointed out that this year, the Ambassadors' Conference was held with the theme of Guclu Strong Diplomacy on the Field and at the Table,.

Stating that the world has undergone a major transformation in diplomacy as well as technological innovations, President Erdogan said, iyle With the dynamics of 20-30 years ago, it is no longer possible to evaluate the present with the patterns of the old era. Individuals, companies, societies and states should read the spirit of time well and determine their policies accordingly.

Pointing out that the international system has evolved into a multicenter structure in the new era, President Erdogan said, degisim This change increases unpredictability and brings new risks for decision makers. When we take into account the political and economic vulnerabilities, we have to say that we are confronted with siz systemlessness sistem rather than the system .

President Erdogan said that he witnessed the signs of a new situation in many areas from irregular migration to terrorism, hostility towards Islam, cultural racism in Western societies and anti-foreign and refugee refugees.


President Erdogan noted that the institutions responsible for ensuring global security and stability no longer meet the expectations, and that the international community has gradually lost the ability to produce lasting solutions to fundamental problems such as security and terror, hunger, instability and global warming that threaten its future. Talking about obesity, on the other hand, faced the fact that 2 billion people live in poverty.

President Erdogan said, While American politicians are discussing the fight against obesity and food waste; Somali, Haitian, Guinean politicians are trying to find solutions to poverty, poverty and desperation that cost the lives of their citizens. If the assets of the world's 60 richest people correspond to approximately half of the total population, ie 3.6 billion people, there is a problem here.

President Erdogan said, orsa If the double standards for terrorist organizations are becoming widespread instead of decreasing, the ringleaders of terror are hosted in presidential palaces; If there are attempts to legitimize the bloody terrorist organizations in the United Nations, there is a defective situation here kul.

President Erdogan stated that an understanding that does not value people only because it is a human being, and that it cannot be possible to provide global security and peace, has no luxury to say bana to me kas in an age where communication has become widespread, distances have been lost and the world has turned into a global village. he stressed.


In Those who do not have conscience have neither morality nor sanctity, axis, course, consistency, Cumhurbaskani said President Erdogan, and said that had entrepreneurial and humanitarian foreign policy perspective, which draws the framework of Turkish diplomacy, is a product of this need.

Peacekeeping, long-term arduous that requires a struggle and that language that Turkey gave the fight to protect peace in the party had the President Erdogan, "Turkey not only for their own future, region must take the initiative for peace and tranquility. Our recent experiences in Syria have shown us once again that olmadan we will not be on the table without the field '. When necessary, we will surely defend our national interests by means of dialogue, soft power elements when necessary, 'compelling diplomacy' means and when necessary, by using actual force .

President Erdogan, the implementation of the external to the organization and the ambassadors of Turkey's foreign policy the most critical, pointing out that playing one of the roles of Turkey today, 243 foreign representatives in the world's largest is five diplomatic and country with one of the consular network, TIKA, Yunus Emre Institute, Turkey Maarif Foundation He said that the institutions such as the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Relative Communities and Red Crescent are the biggest supporters of the ambassadors in the field.


Turkey's NATO membership, he saw as the main pillar of the cornerstone and security policy of Euro-Atlantic defense Referring to President Erdogan, Turkey's NATO ally and strategic partner of the United States from a real ally worthy steps reiterated that it expects.

Turkey's, without allies or with allies, national underlines that it has the right to eliminate any threat to the survival of President Erdogan, he said: "The top priority of our country to dry the north of the terrorist swamp in Syria. A cancer cell growing as our southern border customs, our allies kalkmadik the middle of this structure grown with heavy weapons in Turkey itself can not feel safe. If we don't do what we need today, God forbid we will have to do this by paying more heavy prices tomorrow. I hope that the process we have started with the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operations will soon pass to a different stage. Thus, we will establish a Peace Corridor where our Syrian brothers will live in peace, peace and security. With this step, we will take both our country and Europe, We aim to free Syria from irregular migration pressure. Thus, we aim to accelerate the return of Syrian refugees who have longed for homeland for 8 years. Ine


President Erdogan, Turkey's security of NATO and emphasizing that means the security of the whole of S-400 of that there is no concrete evidence that NATO and the damage to the F-35, before NATO and EU members like air from Russia in many countries defense systems.

These countries are to issue a non-issue to be converted to the crisis appeared to Turkey in good faith vision that indicates President Erdogan, Turkey's S-400 of receiving "strategic" not entirely "commercial" is a choice, Turkey uncompromising and its allies also forced these preferences said that the attitude.

US President Donald Trump's G-20 Osaka Summit "to Turkey not treated fairly," added expressed Recalling his words that this was confirmed at the highest level, a fact that President Erdogan, "continued this the right approach Mr. Trump, S-400 issues of Turkey - I believe you won't let him capture American relations. We also expect clear steps from the United States regarding the return of FETO ringleaders to our country and the end of the arming of the PKK-YPG terrorist organization.


Turkey has maintained its target of full membership to the European Union reiterated President Erdogan announced that Turkey should not be sacrificed to the greed of the few countries to join the Union.

President Erdogan said that Turkey's EU full membership try to continue with the struggle positive day, "Visa solving the last remaining six criteria in the Freedom rapidly, we want to provide the convenience of our citizens deserve. Our Judicial Reform Strategy will be a crucial step in this context. I believe that with the beginning of the new legislative period, our Parliament will do the necessary work on the reforms in the judicial package.

President Erdogan said that they expect the European Union to start the Customs Union update negotiations and to remove the political obstacles in the chapters and that they attach great importance to the fulfillment of the promises made regarding the Syrian refugees.


President Erdogan pointed out that the relations with Russia are proceeding in close cooperation in a wide range.

During the Astana process, which was conducted with the participation of Iran, President Erdogan stated that significant progress has been achieved on the way to a permanent solution in Syria. The establishment of the Constitutional Committee is about to be completed. I hope that we will soon receive good news on this subject .

P PENCE OPERATION IN NORTHERN IRAQ is progressing with success in accordance with our goals

Stating that they attach special importance to Iraq's peace, tranquility and security, President Erdogan emphasized that they put forward the importance they attach to Iraq's territorial integrity and stability, not only through allegations, but also through actions.

President Erdogan said, uz We bring the problems of our Turkmen brothers to the agenda at every level. Here is extend my greetings to the Iraqi Turkmen, as well as always we were in Turkey and I want them to know that we will. We will soon reopen the Consulates General in Mosul and Basra. We also forwarded our request to Iraqi authorities to open a consulate in Kirkuk and Najaf. Kul

Reminding that Turkey's Consulate General in Erbil officers were killed Osman KAlse President, Erdogan said: "I wish mercy from Allah, who love to, I wish patience to colleagues. We did not leave the blood of our martyrs with the support of our intelligence units, the Iraqi Central Government and the Northern Iraqi Regional Government. We have either apprehended or perpetrated all perpetrators of the terrorist act. We are determined to tear off the PKK called ib PKK PKK from Iraqi territory. Operation Paw in northern Iraq is successfully progressing in line with our goals. We also agree with the Iraqi and Iranian governments on the fight against terrorism.

President Erdogan, pointing out that damage to the economies of Turkey and the countries of the region of maximum pressure on Iran policy outside punish the civilian population of unilateral sanctions that have no effect so far will not work sanctions in Iran, but the problems expressed his belief that reaching dialogue solutions brought.


President Erdogan, touching on the Palestinian issue, 'Israel's law-free occupation, persecution and destruction policy, as well as interventions by some external actors undermine the hopes of peace. The establishment and recognition of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state whose capital is East Jerusalem on the basis of 1967 borders is no longer a choice, but an obligation. justice and fairness to end the Palestinian issue as we will continue to defend Turkey. Our first Qibla will never leave our pupil, Jerusalem, at the mercy of the invaders..

Eastern Mediterranean stability in the Middle East, North Africa and underlined the importance for Europe's security, President Erdogan, "stability in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean is only possible with the observance of Turkey and Northern Cyprus deserves the Turkish Republic and exits. We cannot remain indifferent to the extortion and sabotage attempts carried out under the name of drilling in this region, and we will protect the legitimate rights of both Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots to the end.

President Erdogan, the Turkish world with ties to re-arbitration that they, the Turkish Council's 10th anniversary will celebrate in October in Azerbaijan will continue strengthening the momentum in relations with Africa, describing the coming years will be the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit held in Turkey He stated that the objectives of the Latin America and Caribbean Action Plan are being realized step by step, that the importance and weight of Southeast Asia and Pacific Region in foreign policy is increasing day by day and that they plan to implement an opening policy for Asia called Asia Again.


Expressing that he closely followed the incidents in Kashmir, President Erdogan said that he had a telephone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday and that he would make efforts to reduce the tension by meeting with Prime Minister of India Modi.

President Erdogan pointed out that the attacks in places of worship in New Zealand and Sri Lanka clearly show the point where terrorism and radicalism have reached. The mistake of separating the terrorist by color, ideology and ethnic identity should no longer be abandoned. Neither the Breivik massacre, which killed 77 people in 2011, nor the Christchurch brutality that killed our 52 brothers, has unfortunately made the threat of Neonazi understood. Just as DAESH is being fought, PYD, YPG, FETO or Neonazi terrorist structures should be fought in the same way.

President Erdogan said, Look, we are a country that has sacrificed its citizens to racist murders in Solingen and NSU murders. Today, more than 6 million people live abroad, and almost every day we receive news of attacks on the workplaces, masjids and homes of our citizens in Europe. Defending the rights and law of our people abroad is the most important duty of you and our state representative. We must make every effort to prevent racist attacks and to find perpetrators. Em We cannot allow anyone to make such racist acts insignificant with rotational murders, as is the case with the NSU murders, he added.


President Erdogan recalled that Egypt had lost his life in the court room of elected President Mohammed Morsi. Let us put him aside, his wife did not allow him to go to the burial event has not had its share of humanity. Just bury me in my village with a lawyer and two sons and a will and a burial event, even those who do not allow it have come to the state cemetery; these are the ones who have not had their share of humanity. i

Erd We are waiting for you to work in the case of journalist Cemal Kasikci in order to manifest justice, Cumhurbaskani said President Erdogan. These two issues are a litmus paper for the international community. Mursi'nin the mystery of the witness without lifting up, all responsible for the murder of Kasikci accountability to justice will not relax the apocalyptic conscience yer.

"We MUST MEET TURKEY their dreams and goals"

the most important gatherings of world political and economic framework in Turkey next year, conversation, discussion, idea generation Erdogan President stating that they will take several steps to bring it to the center, then, this process ambassadors of the determinant will be the efforts of the last 17 years a whole new horizons for Turkey, the dedicated work of a diplomat Turkish foreign policy, strength, reputation, he said.

"Turkey will meet strong with the dreams and goals" President uses the phrase Erdogan, "our state and your professional experience as representatives abroad of the Presidency, your competence, dedication and your mission awareness with I believe you will overcome every obstacle in both the field table," he said.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey