Turkey is key partner for NATO, says secretary general

BRUSSELS: Turkey is a key partner for NATO and its close relations with Russia do not a create problem, the Alliance's secretary general said on Monday.

Speaking at a news conference, Jens Stoltenberg said over the next two days, NATO foreign ministers will meet and address the most pressing security challenges the allies are facing and how to respond.

Turkey is a key ally for different reasons. But not least for its strategic geographical location bordering Iraq and Syria [...] Turkey is key to manage the refugee crisis and [...] in our fight against ISIL [Daesh], he said.

He also said Turkey was also important for Europe in addressing different kinds of challenges and security threats.

Regarding Turkish-Russian relations, Stoltenberg said the recent close relations were not a problem for NATO.

Obviously, Turkey's talks with Russia do not contradict its key alliance and [the country's] NATO obligations, he said.

Source: Anadolu Agency