Turkey-France match inform the spectators

HR 2020 UEFA European Championship Qualifiers will be played this evening at 21:45 Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium Group has made various arrangements for the fans before the National Turkey-France match.

Football fans to watch the competition should pay attention to the following points:

- Stadium doors will open at 19.00.

- Only vehicles with parking cards produced by TFF will be admitted to the stadium. Public transportation and the surrounding areas of the stadium are at a level to meet the need for transportation and parking.

- Political and advertising banners and posters will not be taken into the stadium regardless of the content, and after the controls, the banners deemed appropriate by the Konya Provincial Security Directorate will be taken to the stadium.

- Various activities for the audience are planned by the National Teams Sponsors in the back of the stadium East stand.

- National Team products will be sold in Konyaspor Store Store located on the north side of the stadium.

- Entrance for disabled spectators will be made through gate number 19 in the northeast diagonal of the stadium and through gate number 7 in the southeast diagonal of the stadium.

- Our spectators will be checked at the 1st security barrier around the stadium, then they will be given entry through the turnstiles by entering the tickets and will be searched by the security guards.

- Forbidden items to be taken into the stadium are as follows: Coin, lighter, selfie stick, perfume and deodorant bottles, laser pointer, camera, camera, charger, charging power adapter (powerbank), sounding vehicles (vuvuzela, megaphone, whistle etc.) , wooden, flag-flags with iron stick, closed-mouth (glass-box) beverage cans, backpack, suitcases, firearms even if licensed, cutting, overwhelming, boring or piercing tools and explosive, flammable, combustible or caustic substances, drugs or stimulants alcoholic beverages in contradiction with the principles set out in the articles and related legislation.

- In order to avoid any problems in the upcoming matches of our National Team, it is important that our spectators do not stand on the grandstand stairs, support the stairwells to be left empty and show sensitivity to not throw foreign objects in the field.

- In case of emergency, first aid can be obtained from emergency responders in the audience health rooms in the stands. In addition, sufficient ambulance has been assigned around the stadium.

Source: Turkey Football Federation