Turkey: Dutch woman enjoys caring for stray animals

A Dutch woman living in western Turkey reaches out to stray animals, providing food and shelter.

Lisanne Hillen, 29, came to Turkey after she met her husband Alp Ayaydin three years ago. Working part-time at a private school her husband owns, Hillen spends the rest of her time at three different spots helping animals that wander the city streets.

"When I realized that there are too many stray animals here in Turkey, I needed to take action," Hillen told Anadolu Agency. "A dog's place is a home, a garden. All they need is a little affection and food," she underlined.

"Turkey is my hometown," said Hillen, who was able to quickly learn the country's language after moving to Aydin, adding that she was impressed by the natural beauty and people of Turkey.

Hillen also has four other pets in her house.

Alp Ayaydin said he is proud of his wife and her efforts to support animals in need.

Source: Anadolu Agency