Trkiye urges international action after condemning deadly Israeli attack on Al-Fakhoura school in Gaza

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned an Israeli attack on the UN Al-Fakhoura school in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. "We strongly condemn Israel's attack on the Al-Fakhoura school operated by the UN in Gaza on November 18, which resulted in the killing of dozens of innocent Palestinian children," it said statement early Sunday. It said the attack is more 'evidence' that Israel 'deliberately and ruthlessly targeted the civilian population, especially children, in Gaza." The number of women and children who have been killed at the hands of Israel in Gaza in the last five weeks is "a source of shame for humanity," it said. The international community should no longer "turn a blind eye to Israel undermining law and all humanitarian values with the grave crimes it has committed," said the ministry. "The perpetrators of these massacres, already becoming a dark stain in human history, must be held accountable for the unspeakable suffering they have caused in court," it said. 'It is im perative to immediately declare an unconditional and lasting ceasefire in Gaza. We call on every conscientious member of the international community to take the necessary steps in this direction,' it said. Dozens were killed and injured Saturday in an Israeli bombardment of the UN-run learning center in the camp. Israel launched airstrikes and later a ground incursion after an Oct. 7 attack by Palestinian resistance group, Hamas. The Israeli onslaught has since killed more than 12,000 people, most of them women and children, flattened thousands of civilian structures, and enforced a full blockade leading to a shortage of basic supplies such as food, fuel and medicine. Source: EN - Anadolu Agency