Top DHKP-C member gets nearly 7 years in German prison

A German court Wednesday sentenced a senior figure of the far-left terror group DHKP-C to nearly seven years in prison.

Musa Asoglu, European head of the group, received six years and nine months, for his role in leading the terror organization.

Asoglu, 58, who lived in Belgium and the Netherlands, was arrested in the northern city of Hamburg in December 2016.

He was on Turkey's list of most wanted terrorists.

Germany banned the DHKP-C in 2000, but the group is still active with around 650 followers among the immigrant population.

Besides Turkey, the U.S., and the European Union lists the DHKP-C as a terror organization.

The group claimed responsibility for various terror attacks in Turkey, including one in 2013 at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara.

Source: Anadolu Agency