There will be no VAT in books, magazines and newspapers “

In his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Istanbul Ataturk Cultural Center, President Erdogan said, uygulam This week, a law to be discussed in the Parliament will reduce the VAT rate to zero for books and periodicals, as well as publishers and sellers. In other words, there will be no VAT in books, magazines and newspapers anymore Daha.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony held at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Taksim Square, today Turkey's groundbreaking artistic and cultural life, said they had taken an important step.


The introductory project, which was held on November 6, 2017, will consist of 5 separate blocks with a closed area of 95,000 600 square meters. foyer areas, workshop and warehouse areas, ballet study halls, soloists and orchestra study rooms, recording studio and rehearsal halls, art galleries, exhibition halls and will take place in the country will be the scene.

Expressing his interest in architecture, aesthetics and use, the artist believes that Istanbul's culture and art activities will be further enriched.

President Erdogan, the project to lay the stage of the great struggle to bring the old building as a symbol of their own marginal ideologies of some circles of all the energies of the project to save the project by telling them, the mind, logic and conscience do not fit with the slander, even the streets trying to sabotage the project trying to sabotage. .

Ataturk Cultural Center, instead of shopping center, mosque to be changed, such as the project is trying to prevent the lies to be tried to stop the same obstacle in the Harbiye Convention Center, President Erdogan, expressing that despite the obstacles in Harbiye Congress Center they do great theater, a giant congress center with 3 thousand people built It is that the center is not only to Turkey, voiced appeal to the world.


In the examination of different institutions revealed that the old AKM building can not be used, reports, the old building in terms of earthquake resistance shows that there is a difference from a shady President Erdogan emphasized that the old building Istanbul, the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency prepared for this purpose by the project prepared by the Agency again he pointed out that they were blocked by different circles.

President Erdogan said, eri Neither scientific data, nor reports, nor other facts, was enough to persuade known instances of provocation, the only food being abused. Because the old structure was demolished, and those who opposed the construction of a more beautiful, more modern, more spacious building, were acting with ideological bigotry, not with the sensitivity of culture and art. Cunku

SAlzde sanatseverlerin Gezi Olaylari sirasinda neler yaptiklarini, milleti nasil asagiladiklarini, terAlr Alrgutlerinin pacavralariyla eski binayi nasil kirlettiklerinin hafizalarda yer edindigini dile getiren Cumhurbaskani Erdogan, sAlyle konustu: Guya Ataturk Kultur Merkezi hassasiyetiyle hareket edenler, Gezi'de Ataturk Kultur Merkezi'ni demokrasimize saldirmanin, esnafimizin malini mulkunu yagmalamanin, sokaklarimizi yakip-yikmanin araci hAline getirdiler. Burada yasadik, Istiklal Caddesinde yasadik, AKM'nin tum cephesinde yasadik. Ne yapacaktik, seyir mi edecektik? Oraya her turlu terAlristlerin resimlerini astilar. Gunlerce sokaklarda terAlr estirirken, her kAlse basinda bir sehit mezari bulunan bu kutlu sehrin duvarlarina 'zulum 1453'te basladi' diye yazarken de buradaki eski metruk binayi bahane olarak kullandilar. Biz, ne Gezi vandalligi dAlneminde ne de sonrasinda bunlarin tehditlerine boyun egmedik.


The basis of the thrown building is not only a cultural center, the last 5 years, which meant the national will given to their homeland-nation enemy that emphasizes the best answer would be President Erdogan, "Turkey is against those who do not condemned to obscurity, the symbol of our ideal of crossed countries our bright tomorrow, we are building a work . The Istanbul Ataturk Cultural Center will be a, monument of glory insan erected against the Jacobin mentality with its values, beliefs and the history and culture of our people. Istanbul

President Erdogan, Turkey 's services and investments enemy "istemezukc of" understanding the first time that the interlocutors in their period, Turkey to do when it moves throughout the history of the Republic, shackles to break strives to opposite always underlining that find this mentality in Turkey's industrial, defense, production, transportation, technology, in every field of his moves, outside enemies, inside by certain segments of continuous blocked, he said.

Adnan Menderes, with these circles of Turgut Ozal's life, that now but struggled mentality, Necmeddin Erbakan and Alparslan multiplier for the welfare until the hearts of the nation Turkes, big and strong Turkey in front of all the leaders who shed sweat for the ideal of always stating that planted these gangs President Erdogan talked about how the CHP government was prevented by Prime Minister Ismet InAlnu despite the approval of Nuri Demirag's Bosphorus Bridge Project by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

President Erdogan said that the Bosphorus Bridge project of Nuri Demirag was rejected by the Minister of Public Works of the CHP government. We've really ruined the beauty of the Bosphorus. Probably we didn't spoil it, so we took it under the sea. Marmaray in the Eurasia Tunnel goes under the sea, whichever you want to use it, '' he said.

Turkey's first such bridge, after 40 years Nuri Demirag attempt on 30 October 1973 but voicing into service of President Erdogan, CHP and that certain factions of the Bosporus to do 3 bridge also opposed, he also over 40 years of political life Along the lines of the so-called in pseudo-elite, in essence lumpene ok noted that these circles were the target of poisonous arrows.


Not only in Istanbul Ataturk Culture Center project; President Erdogan, who pointed out that they have been dealing with the attacks of certain groups from Marmaray to the Eurasia Tunnel, from Istanbul Airport to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, added: We make Rami Barracks the largest library in Istanbul. Hopefully the goal is to bring a library of 6 million volumes to Istanbul. Rami Barracks was here before, and now it's happening largest library of Turkey in Istanbul. We're working, we're not talking. Remember March 31, March 31 is very important at this point. There are those who produce a service and there are those who produce words.

President Erdogan, Turkey of seeing some circles as his own property, indigestion which they related to investments, noting that exhibits in the issues related to the artistic and cultural life, except for themselves these circles ever in one's art, literature, painting and music, culture that they can not tolerate a say in their own he said that they do not want to recognize any artwork, no art style, no right to life except for the patterns they draw.


Not to dominate art; President Erdogan added, milyar I think that the artist has one duty: to make people love each other, two people or two billion people. inin Art, a spell of excitement and the hearts that combine the hearts of the century and centuries separating the expression, art and artist said they saw it like this.

President Erdogan reiterated that modern and traditional art branches are used as the cornerstones of the nation's journey from maziden to atiye.

President Erdogan said, buyuk The large increase in the number of cultural centers and the number of events in the last 17 years is enough to show our country's position in this field. When we took office, the number of cultural centers in our country was 42 while we increased it to 115 by adding 63 more. We increased the number of scenes in the State Theaters from 23 to 65 with 42 increments. While the number of private theaters supported was 59, it found 229 in our period. Since 2002, 88 domestic and 68 exhibitions of cultural assets abroad, "he said.

President Erdogan added that they have resolved the problems of the cinema sector and gave the good news that the VAT rate will be reduced to zero in books and periodicals.


President Erdogan, who announced this week that the VAT rate will be reduced to zero in the book and in the periodical to be discussed in the TGNA, will be expanded to include both the publisher and the sellers. Prices are thought of, let everyone develop the opportunity of getting books. No more VAT in the book, the magazine, the newspaper. Thus, we provide significant support to publishers who are disadvantaged with digitalization. Our aim is to contribute to the construction of the cultural world of a society that reads and contemplates more. No one will be able to condemn our country to any kind of culture and art. Art and artists tool of politics who are abused, Turkey's cultural and artistic life can not be treacherous. "

President Erdogan, pointing to the shortcomings in Turkey's city squares, Taksim and Sultanahmet, Beyazit Square will be re-executed projects for the revitalization, he said this would be the case of re-shooting areas.

At the end of his speech, President Erdogan invited the architects and project architects of the Istanbul Ataturk Cultural Center to the stage to negotiate a reduction of the completion time of the project and a reduction in the price. President Erdogan's contract with the contractor firm 24 months of construction time 20 months, 860 million pounds down to the tender price of 850 million pounds.

President Erdogan then pushed the button with the accompanying ministers and artists to pour the first concrete onto the construction site.


After the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ataturk Cultural Center in Taksim Square, President Erdogan moved to the Taksim Mosque, where construction works continued. President Erdogan examined the construction works and received information from the authorities.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey