TFF Super Cup 2019 Galatasaray

TFF Super Cup 2019 was won by Galatasaray, who defeated Akhisarspor 1-0 in the match played at Ankara Eryaman Stadium. Halif Umut Meler directed FIFA refereed match 39 Belhanda'nin 39 minutes in the match, winning the victory of Galatasaray, TFF Super Cup'yi took the museum 6 times.

Minister of Youth and Sports. Mehmet Kasapoglu, TFF President Nihat Ozdemir, Vice Chairman Mehmet Baykan and Yilmaz Buyukaydin, Board Member and Executive Board Member Ali Dusmez, Board Members Mustafa Caglar, Ismail Erdem, Nuri Akin and Secretary General Kadir Kardas and A National Team Technical Director Senol Gunes also followed. .

Youth and Sports Minister of the trophy held at the ceremony after the Galatasaray Galatasaray. Mehmet Kasapoglu and TFF President Nihat Ozdemir gave, Deputy Chairman Yilmaz Buyukaydin, Board Member Mustafa Caglar and Secretary General Kadir Kardas presented the medal.

Minutes from the match

13. Erhan Celenk minutes used in the corner shot of Burhan Eser head kick in the top of the six-ball hit the top pole went auta.

30. Jimmy Durmaz's hard shot of the ball with a few minutes to pass the ball out of the leather round narrowly.

39 Galatasaray minutes found the goal. After meeting the ball in the penalty area in front of the opponent in front of Belhanda with a smooth and placed shot of the mesh rounded the net: 0-1

40 minutes to the left of the penalty area developing Galatasaray attack, meeting the ball in the left corner of Adam Buyuk's shot went round leather auta with a small margin.

Galatasaray finished the first half of the match 1-0 ahead.

48. Bjarnason'un left-wing penalty point on the ball sent to the head of a good kick Burhan Eser goalkeeper Muslera prevented the danger of the feet.

54. Mariano'nun minutes from the right side of the penalty area in the middle, close to the penalty point in a good rising Babel'in bad round leather round auta.

80. meeting the ball in front of the penalty bow Selcuk Inan's leather round shot went out from the top.

82. Belhanda'nin right in front of the ball in the penalty area in the penalty area to prevent the danger of the goalkeeper hard shot.

84. Kadir Keles into the penalty area from the left side into the middle of his head rising Vrsajevic good kick out of the ball narrowly.

90. Bjarnason'un minutes into the penalty area turned the ball into the penalty area Bertat Bayar hit Nagatomo'ya hit the corner kick.

Galatasaray won the match 1-0.

Stat : Eryaman

Referee: Halil Umut Meler, Mustafa Emre Eyisoy, Kerem Ersoy

Akhisarspor: GAlkhan Degirmenci, Tolga Anlu, Cocalic, Alperen Babacan, Fate Keles, Burhan Eser (Min. 64 Honor Ayik), Bjarnason, Aykut Ceviker (Min. 81 Eray Ataseven), Rotman, Erhan Wreath (Min. 70 Bertug Bayar), Vrsajevic

Galatasaray: Muslera, Mariano, Luyindama, Marcos, Nagatomo, Jimmy Durmaz (Min. 81 Feghouli), Series, Selcuk Inan, Adem Buyuk (Min. 72 Emre Mor), Belhanda (Min. 90 + 1 Donk), Babel

Goal: Min. 39 Belhanda (Galatasaray)

Yellow cards: Min. 33 Bjarnason, Min. 56 Tolga Anlu, Min. 80 Bertug Bayar (Akhisarspor), Min. 66 Belhanda, Min. 66 Mariona (Galatasaray)

Source: Turkey Football Federation