TFF President Ozdemir spoke at MHK Do?an Babacan Seminar

Turkey Football Federation Central Arbitration Committee 2019-2020 Season Dogan Babacan Summer Seminar in Istanbul Kavacik Limak Hotel is done. TFF President Nihat Ozdemir, TFF Honorary President Senes Erzik, Clubs Association President Fikret Orman, TFF Vice President Servet Assistant, Vice President Mehmet Baykan, Vice President Yilmaz Buyukaydin, Board Member and Executive Committee Member Ali Dusmez and Hamit Altintop, TFF Board Members Ismail Erdem, Mustafa Caglar and Mustafa Hacikerimoglu, TFF Secretary General Kadir Kardas, MHK Chairman Zekeriya Alp, Chairman of the Board of Representatives Abdurrahman Arici, Chairman of the Arbitration Board Murat Balci, club presidents and deceased Dogan Babacan's daughter Figen Babacan, grandsons Ersin and Emre Akat.

The full text of his speech at the opening of TFF President Nihat Ozdemir:

"Welcome to our 2019-2020 Season Central Arbitration Board seminar organized on behalf of Dogan Babacan, the unforgettable name of Turkish referee. On the occasion of this seminar, we commemorate Dogan Babacan who respectfully contributes to our football and refereeing institution and exemplifies our referee teacher Babacan. wish more mercy.

Dogan Babacan was the Turkish referee's window to the West, and many of our referees followed in his footsteps. Over the years, the institution of refereeing has improved greatly and reached a good point. Some commentators "Foreign referees come," unfortunately, such as statements ... Unfortunately, the Turkish referee has already passed that point. All our Turkish referees, especially our brother Cuneyt Cakir, showed us this very easily by taking important matches in Europe. For example, before the start of this season, our referees were assigned to 7 matches in Europe. This table shows that UEFA trusts Turkish referees. As the Federation, we are taking important steps to increase this trust and we will continue to do so.

Before this season; We have signed two important decisions ... As you know, we have passed to the top ranking referee system with the change of instruction made in May. In the new system, we have increased the number of referees from 25 to 43. It was clear that last year, we had too much load on our referees with narrow staff. Every week, you have the stress of the match, you did not have any opportunity to rest tasks. However, we aim to reduce this pressure on you with our new staff. In the new term, all our referees will be on the field, on the field and at VAR. And so the responsibilities will be shared. With this system, our desire is to reduce the error rate. The fact that the referees come to the agenda even less and that football is spoken instead of hakem

Another important step was to create a new Central Referee Board. As management we have taken an offer to Mr. Zekeriya Alp for MHK presidency. He graciously accepted our offer to serve Turkish football. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Zekeriya Alp and the board members on behalf of the Board of Directors. Mr. Zekeriya Alp is one of the most experienced and respected names in our football. We sincerely believe that with its experience and knowledge, it will contribute to the Turkish arbitration in the new period as it did in the past. Me and the board of directors are confident that you will have a good season and will be more successful, under the leadership of Mr. Alp.

a lot of innovation for the success of our new board will be ... Referee and will be held with a written spelling and success principles of observers assignment, the introduction of arbitration reward and punishment system, across Turkey referees and YES referee screening done, young Refereeds monitoring and scouting of our teams, former umpire of former footballer We believe that providing quality facilities will bring quality to Turkish referees

Dear referees; we believe that you will make fair, impartial and equal decisions and that you will overcome all difficulties. We, the Federation, will continue to provide all kinds of material and spiritual opportunities for your success.

The VAR system is one of them. VAR has really become an important system that changes the course of football. The VAR center we have established in Riva has properties that are not available in many European countries. Of course, it is important that you use this system in the most efficient way sekil

Our first year wasn't easy. But we have gained considerable experience. The Video Assistant Referee system, which should be used in serious incidents that were overlooked, was used unfortunately for every controversial position, especially in obvious and obvious mistakes.

With the new season; I sincerely believe that both our referees in the field and those who are in charge of VAR will be successful in this system by increasing their training and working in harmony with each other.

The Central Arbitration Committee will apply a reward and penalty system for VAR assignments. Furthermore, even if his decision with VAR is corrected, that referee's grade will be downgraded. These new applications will lead to a more accurate use of technology.

We have to work hard to minimize the error rate. Some of our clubs are rightly involved in important reproaches. I respect them heartily. However, it is never beneficial to keep the referees in the focus of the discussions. We must support the referees for the fate of Turkish football. Regardless, our Turkish arbitration always deserves respect.

Dear referee brothers; whoever you are, never tolerate those who do not respect you in the field. Never hesitate to write down what has been told to you in your reports. Stand upright and decisive on the field, make standard decisions, and apply the courage to make decisions. Always protect your authority. You do the truth, we will take care of you and will always be behind you. I believe you will complete this season most successfully.

I wish you the chance to be with the referee all the time, and I greet you all with respect and love on behalf of myself and my colleagues.

Enes Senes Erzik, the Honorary President of TFF, made a speech at the seminar:

"The referees will always make mistakes, we are all human beings. To a certain extent, we have to value these human values. We should not remove the football from the normal lane. and that we have to take our decisions by thinking that it has great advantage over other sports.

MHK President Zekeriya Alp, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said:

"We were appointed by the new TFF board of directors on July 4. We thank Nihat Ozdemir, who has served Turkish football for many years, for giving us the opportunity to serve the referee community. We are aware of this privilege.

We determined the classifications by doing promotion courses. We carried out the top class referee camp in Riva with the studies on VAR. The referees succeeded in the athletic test and shared our joy with them. We have reassigned our provincial and regional arbitration committees as per MHK instructions. We will hold regional seminars for classification and regional referees. Our Board will continue to make every effort to ensure the efficiency of these efforts. Advancing on the path to becoming a profession, arbitration is an endeavor in which success increases as experience increases. MHK has a big duty here. Aware of this responsibility, we will continue our work. We expect fair, honest and successful administrations of the referees and observers to perform their duties in the most correct manner. This is the expectation of the whole football community. Football is a game of mistakes,

There are exaggerations in the VAR system last season. The referees refused to take responsibility for VAR. The order of responsibility in the field is clear. This should be done without any hesitation. The observer report applied last season will be expanded and will be used this season. Errors in the use of VAR will be reflected in the report by observers. We expect the judges and the chairman of the board of representatives of the TFF to write down their experiences in their reports in order to keep the on-site and corridors under full control.

One of our goals is to reveal young talents. Scout team and sub-league referees will follow. We are very happy with the work that we have brought many young names to Turkish referees. We are working to bring former players to the referee.

Presidents, executives, technicians and the media are helping each other by supporting each other. As referees, we will do our part exactly. Any work done can be criticized. The problem is the confusion of criticism and insult. As MHK, I wish everyone to enjoy this beautiful game in 2019-2020 season and wish everyone success. "

Clubs Association President Fikret Orman who participated in the seminar on behalf of Clubs Association Foundation, underlined that arbitration is a difficult profession, said:

The reason for this is the referee's desire to go to VAR constantly. Football is a game that everyone watches and comments. Everything is analyzed very easily. The referee is the referee. As a Referee, you cannot resolve each issue by bringing it to VAR.

The residence time in the game ball looked to Europe and Turkey find 55 minutes to 65 minutes in Turkey was likely to find in Europe. We see also that the good intentions of the cast in Turkey, you are right. The aliens fit our order. You are the ones who will change this. We think that you will be able to overcome them by using the cards fairly. We think that we will get public reaction in every issue that brings down the quality of football. Our brand value decreases one more step each year. This is not the only reason for the referees.

We manage the community with millions of followers. If you know what we're dealing with because of your mistakes. Do not read, look, you will not be affected. If a referee is affected by the social media and the press, all the community will put pressure on you. The referee may also make a mistake. Our problem is wrong. Make mistakes, but don't go wrong. Everyone can see the bad intentions. Not criticized We want to see the referees of Turkish football brand value. MHK'dan request. Reward, we want the criminal system to come. It is our greatest wish that those who make big mistakes should rest for a longer time and that the good manager will manage more matches. Correct and fair appointments will bring right and fair decisions. I will be your supporter as the President of Club Association and Besiktas Club.

As football guys, we don't have to score any points. Football players playing on the field and the edge of the environment should be an environment where the technical guys talk. Referees are spoken a lot. The most important way to stop this is in your hands. May God give you all the chance to arbitrate. "

Source: Turkey Football Federation