Takdir If we trust ourselves, no threat of sanctions can stop us “

In his speech at the art Ankara's Most et Award Ceremony and the iftar program, President Erdogan said,, We are entering a period when the wheels in the industry turn faster, circulation is expanding in trade, and the abundance of production and profit increases. Those who could not otherwise stop in Turkey, our hope, our morale, are attacking our faith to reach our goals. This is the biggest goal behind exchange rate operations that trigger interest and inflation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech at the Con Most Popular in Ankara gr award ceremony and iftar program organized by Ankara Chamber of Commerce in ATO Congresium.

Congratulating the citizens on the honor of Ramadan, President Erdogan congratulated the representatives of companies and institutions that were awarded by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce for their corporate tax, employment, export and value added.

Republic peers Ankara Chamber of Commerce, with 157 thousand members, Turkey's most important representatives of Erdogan President pointed out that takes place in the economy, employment in the employment campaign launched by the world that performs 60 thousand employ 220 thousand which is the word of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union in the first 3 months of the year with the intense work on this issue, said the positive increase in employment.


President Erdogan invited businessmen to take advantage of government incentives. Our employers, artisans and tradesmen are now fully focused on their agenda, work and work. We are entering a period in which the wheels turn more quickly in industry, the circulation in the trade expands, and the fertility of the production increases. Those who could not otherwise stop in Turkey, our hope, our morale, are attacking our faith to reach our goals. This is the biggest goal behind exchange rate operations that trigger interest and inflation. Those who mobilize the exchange rate by pretending to be irrelevant about each development, are trying to drag our nation into an inertia by destroying our climate of stability and trust. We are committed to breaking this game. Turkey's potential and opportunities, all at a level sufficient to overcome them. If we trust ourselves, no threat of sanctions, no additional tax enforcement, no open-concealed embargo can stop us. Kend

President Erdogan expressed that it was important to visit Duatepe in Polatli where 3,000 students were taking the Sakarya Square War under the leadership of Ankara Chamber of Commerce.

President Erdogan, Malazgirt every year, the victory ceremonies of a new excitement, the cehreuregeceklerini, will create a presidential space in Ahlat, and this villa will grow on August 26 ceremonies, he said.

President Erdogan of Turkey, underlining that it is a democratic state of law, multiparty nation's life, despite the bumps and tutelage power game always told us that own it.


In his political life, President Erdogan said that he always defended the rule of law and justice, and that it struggled for it.

President Erdogan, who always emphasized the remedy in the national will, the polls, the election and the democracy, nevertheless showed that in the 31 March Local Administrations Election, the nation was defending the Presidency Alliance with 51.7%. stated.

Bu Our understanding of democracy, respect for national will, requires to accept these results, ap said President Erdogan, but they face a different situation in Istanbul, the first stage of the AK Party despite the loss of the AK Party despite the objections as a result of the objections of this difference. Emphasized that it fell to 13 thousand.

President Erdogan gave the examples that the presidential election in Austria was canceled after two years, and the current president Donald Trump won the election election objection lost by three million votes. President Erdogan sought to defend the rights of the national will and the supporters of their support to the elections in Istanbul. he said.


President Erdogan not only found the AK Party's stolen votes as a result of their objection to the elections in Istanbul, but also stated that they have detected other irregularities, corruption and illegals. The work done, the unlawfulness and irregularities that have been identified as a result of renewal of the choice is renewed.

President Erdogan stated that the bank employees were appointed instead of officials on the ballot box., If these allegations had not emerged, the CHP candidate had a place on our heads even if only one vote had won the election. However, from the beginning of the ballot box to the recording of the game from the ballot each stage has been the right decision for a selection has become debatable. Therefore, what we will do again for June 23 as a result of the decision given to this 7 to 4 by saying net the law has been manifested Bundan. We will apply to our nation ece.


President Erdogan stated that the Supreme Board of Elections has filed a criminal complaint for the members of the county election board who made unlawful acts regarding the members of the ballot box, and that they will file a criminal complaint against them. I

President Erdogan emphasized that it is not possible for the chairman of 6,604 polling stations and 13 thousand 98 members of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul elections to do this duty legally, and that at least one of the members of the ballot box was appointed by the district election board in March. if they had made the same determinations in the June 24th elections, they would also make their objections there.

President Erdogan, h Unregistered, unsealed, lacking in the letter of the Supreme Board of Elections with missing or missing counts-casting rulers and irregularities related to members of the polling board, together with the 42 thousand votes in 123 polling stations have become problematic. This figure, the last 13 thousand 729'in falling over the difference of votes, the renewal of the election has turned into a legal obligation, Bu he said.

President Erdogan, who reiterated that the cancellation of the election of the metropolitan municipality was criticized, because when the 26 districts with 123 polling stations were considered individually, it was seen that the sum of the problematic chests identified by the Supreme Election Board did not have the level to require the renewal of the district mayoral elections. If the number of votes in any of these districts could be changed by the number of votes from the ballot box, there would be no doubt that the decision to renew the election would also be made. But such a situation has not emerged, Ama he said.


President Erdogan, who added that he should respect the decision of the Supreme Board of Elections, who believes in democracy and law, should be respected by all who are self-confident, said: We understand that those who are so strongly opposed to the decision to renew the election have their doubts about the outcome of March 31. The real grave is the attitude and style of the CHP's head against this decision. This person had an unprecedented scandal in his party's group meeting. Kilicdaroglu read the members who voted for the election of the High Election Board by the name of the party.

President Erdogan, the main opposition party CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu relying on the immunity of the members of the Supreme Electoral Board relying on the expressions used to insult, said: It has come. On the one hand 'right, law, justice,' while throwing the slogan, to protect the rights of the other nation's law, such as to take a decision in such a way to ensure justice is the most miserable form of fascism, "he said.

President Erdogan, who gave examples of CHP's history of crate corruption and theft, said that an 31 March elections are the last conviction of CHP administration in the ballot box CH.

Stating that judges' decisions in the democracies can be criticized and that they criticized many judicial decisions in the past, ini It is another thing to disagree, not to disagree with the decisions of the judges, to insult the persons of the judges in such a way as to endanger their safety, to make them target, to blame the gang is another thing Demokr.

President Erdogan March 31 elections in Turkey democracy in our hearts with political and ideological fanaticism acting separates drawing attention to a litmus paper acts, he emphasized that they would continue to fight for the manifestation without the slightest doubt on the national will.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey