Taiwan embassy holds tea culture event in Ankara

ANKARA : Taiwan's embassy in Ankara organized an event on Sunday to promote and introduce residents of the capital city to Taiwanese tea culture.

Many diplomats, academicians and press members attended the event.

Yaser Cheng, an economy and culture official at the embassy, told Anadolu Agency it was an annual gathering. "To make this event more interesting, we invite our Taiwanese students to show how it is done," he said.

Cheng said Taiwan, like Turkey, also had a long-rooted history of tea making.

"Taiwanese people don't use tea just to drink it, but also we cook food with it and make deserts," Cheng said, adding: "We have different customs when it comes to tea, I must say Turkish tea is very delicious."

Cheng said it was important for Taiwan and Turkey to increase their bilateral exchanges in culture and other areas such as agriculture, education, language, arts and cuisine. "We want to make these kinds of programs to increase our understanding of each other."

*Reporting by Nazli Yuzbasioglu; Writing by Satuk Bugra Kutlugun


Source: Anadolu Agency