NEW YORK,- The trilateral meeting between Tehran, Moscow and Ankara is expected to bring about positive changes in Turkey's stance on Syria, says the Syrian permanent representative to the United Nations.

We are hopeful expecting the new developments in the relations between Iran, Russia and Turkey change the stance and policies adopted by Turkey regarding the terrorist groups and crisis in Syria, Bashar Jaafari told the Islamic Republic News Agency in a recent exclusive interview.

Syria and its allies, during the past five years repeatedly called on Turkish officials to stop the flow of terrorists and arms entering Syria through the Turkish borders, Jaafari said.

But so far they have turned a blind eye on our request, he said.

Evidently, terrorists who belong to different nationalities, have been using many parts on the Turkish soil as a safe haven, he said.

But now as the sun is no longer behind the clouds, we hope the new developments end in an alteration of Turkish government's approach, Jaafari said.

The Syrian permanent representative to the UN also said that in the global fighting against Daesh terrorists, the United States can play a vital role.

He warned against those countries which tend to stay away from the global fight against terrorists.

Refusing to join in the global war on terrorism is going to be questionable, Jaafari said.

Source: Name News Network