KUALA LUMPUR, -- The ongoing fight to eliminate terrorism threats against Turkey would be highlighted by the country's delegation to the 9th International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), this week.

"We hope that all Asian friends, regardless of political ideologies, will support Turkey and declare their position against terrorism and to fight together against terrorism," said head of the three member delegation, Afif Demirkiran of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), at a press briefing here, Thursday.

The AKP Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs pointed out that apart from facing threats from Daesh as many other countries do, Turkey also faced the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO), which was responsible for the July 15 coup attempt.

"Some world leaders did not react in time after the July 15 terror act, but now they understand the danger (of the event). We are going to share our feelings at the ICAPP," he said.

Turkey is currently supporting the Free Syrian Army group to fight Daesh threats against the country in Syria through the Euphrates Shield operation, and is purging the FETO influence by announcing a state of emergency.

At the ICAPP biennial conference, the Turkish delegation would also focus on issues of immigration and women empowerment, Demirkiran said.

He said that Turkey also planned to host a special conference on immigration in November either in Istanbul or Antalya to among others discuss the plight of the over three million refugees in Turkey.

The idea for the conference was proposed by the women's wing of the ICAPP.

Some 72 political parties from 36 Asian countries are taking part in the 9th ICAPP, being held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) until Saturday.

Turkey is also represented by AKP Chairwomen of Foreign Affairs and ICAPP women wing Co-chairperson, Meryem Goka and Iskender Karakaya, head of youth section of AKP Foreign Affairs division, as well as a journalist from Turkish Star newspaper, Sibel Eraslan.

Source: Nam News Network