Statement of Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy Responding to the Question about the Arrest of Arrested DHKP-C Members in Greece

We are worried that Greece has become a safe haven in terms of terrorist organizations such as DHKP / C, PKK and FETO. The sympathy, tolerance and help shown in contravention of international anti-terrorism commitments in Greece are not acceptable.

Count on serious indications on the way there in the assassination attempt on our president by the Greek Police captured in 2017, the rights of Turkey as well, we requested his extradition in the context of no arrest nine DHKP / C today for the members (15 May) the acquittal, Greece caused by these terrorist elements' it also reveals the nestandiklari.

DHPK / C is also on the EU's list of terrorist organizations. Therefore, this decision by the Greek court clearly interfered with the efforts to combat terrorism in Europe.

Source: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs