Spot market electricity prices for Sunday, April 3

The highest electricity price rate for one megawatt-hour on Turkiye’s day-ahead spot market for Sunday will be 2,499 Turkish liras at 21.00 local time (1800 GMT), according to official figures on Saturday.

The lowest is determined as 0 liras between 09.00 and 13.00 local time (0600 – 1000 GMT), the figures show.

The Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) data for the trade volume on Saturday’s electricity market showed a decrease of 59.3% to 257.6 million liras compared to Friday.

The arithmetical and weighted average prices of electricity on the day-ahead spot market are calculated as 598.30 liras and 569.15 liras, respectively.

The highest electricity price rate for one megawatt-hour for Saturday was set as 2,500 Turkish liras between 19.00 and 21.00 local time (1600-1800 GMT), and the lowest is determined as 399.99 liras at 12.00 local time (0900 GMT).

US$1 equals 14.68 liras at 1116 GMT on Saturday.

By Ebru Sengul Cevrioglu

Anadolu Agency

Source: Anadolu Agency